Impotence vs. Dysfunction of Love Life

A successful marriage depends on many factors. One of them is the fulfillment of the sexual need. If this is absent, it can create some problems in the long run. If a man suffers from impotence, this may be the first sign of a faraway dilemma approaching. Let us know more about impotence in detail.

Dysfunctionof Love Life


Impotence is the condition where the man is not able to produce an erection or sustain it to make the woman happy. This is the issue of erectile dysfunction. But this can get worse if the male has a disorder that affects the sperm count or the health of the copulation cells. Even then, the man may not be able to impregnate the wife. This may make the couple childless.

For a long time, impotence has been the major culprit of distracting people from their love life. When the times were more orthodox, this was seen to be a situation of embarrassment. But now with advancing medical researches and experiments, solutions to this is possible.


Impotence is not an abnormality that cannot be cured. A man may be having difficulty in sustaining or getting an erection. But this does not mean that there is no cure for it. There initial signs may be loss of interest in sexual activities, withdrawal from relationships and social life. Low self esteem and issues in the love life may also affect the individual.

Depression and stress because of no satisfaction of sexual life may also make the people sad. Anxiety may result from this and also interfere with the work. Fights and conflicts between the partners may happen because of this. Marriage may even break and relationships may go down the hill. Physically, there may be no such complications except the inability to have an erection.


Sexual excitement normally leads to an erection in men. But this is not that easy, as it seems. It is a complex network of function. The brain and nervous system correspond together to transfer the signals to the blood vessels of the male sexual organ. If the blood flow is apt, this will lead to a hard on. If there is any interference in between in the form of a disease, disorder, or mental condition, then this process fails. This may invite impotence.

A person may get aroused but after some time may face flaccidness of the reproductive organ. There may be many causes for it. Stress and anxiety may be one of the reasons related to mental health. Diabetics may even suffer from this. People who have liver and kidney disorders may be at a higher risk of getting impotence. If there is an injury in the spinal or penile area, this may occur. Certain surgeries of the prostate and the bladder may heighten the negative impact of the same.

Some medicines may also lead to impotence, as they may get in the way of the blood flow to the penile region. Plaque formation in the walls of the arteries may result in cardiovascular diseases and this is atherosclerosis. Even this may aggravate the problem of impotence. Multiple sclerosis is a disease that may affect the spinal cord and the brain. These areas may become weak.

Due to the lack of coordination and wrong passage of signals between the nerves and the brain, impotence may result. Obesity may be one more cause of impotence. Men who face this dilemma may have to undergo weight management. Thickening of the blood vessels may create more and more complications. This will contract the vessels while the blood is passing in verve here.

However, the erection may not happen at all because of the low supply of the blood to the male’s sexual organ. Even peripheral neuropathy leads to this. Here the nerves to grow out of the spinal cord and the brain. Smoking cigarettes may also bring about this problem. It may even make a man infertile. Abusing alcohol and getting into addiction of the same may lead to intoxication. This may weaken the nervous system. In time, the man may not be able to get the hardness.


For natural causes like obesity, you can counter it by exercising. Set a schedule and adjust time for a workout. Eat healthy and make sure you do not get involved in junk food items. Controlling the blood pressure and also the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes can reduce the risks to it. Diabetics should see to it that the sugar levels in their body should be stable.

Tiredness and fatigue can also affect the person’s ability to get an erection.  So, before retiring to the bed, make sure you are full of energy.  But before coming to any conclusion, it is better to go to a doctor and get a screening done on the body vital parts. Regular medical care can ensure a speedy recovery from impotence. The symptoms may help in deciding the treatment plan for the person.

Surgery to enhance the blood flow in the vessels and the reproductive organ can also help. Blood leakage from the same organ can also result in impotence. Surgery to rectify this may even come to the rescue. Implants that will make a man get an erection can also be done. Low testosterone levels may be increased through medicines and improve the love life.

Oral medication to facilitate the blood flow to the man’s reproductive organ can act as a temporary relief for the individual. Psychotherapy to reduce the stress and anxiety may also provide the person some respite. Therapy to increase the intimacy between the partners may enable the man to sustain a good erection. You can counter impotence by medicines that can be injected into the blood vessels of the man’s sexual organ.