What Are The Natural Ways To Treat Allergies?

With every change in season, the allergists world over witness a steep increase in people suffering from allergies. Sneezing, scratchy throat and water running through the eyes is a common symptom.

natural-ways-to-treat-allergiesOver-the-counter medications do provide some relief but it is for a short duration and comes with side effects. Here in this write-up we will tell you about some natural ways for reducing allergy symptoms.

Make Changes In Your Diet

Studies show that including essential fatty acids in your diet during this time could help you thwart allergy symptoms. Also, avoid dairy products like milk, sugar and processed wheat, as they are mucus-producing foods. A diet that includes fish, fruits, veggies, olive oil and nuts will help keep your upper respiratory tract in a healthy state.

Go For Non-Toxic Or Organic Bedding

Purchase a good quality allergy-free pillow and mattress covers. In addition, wash your bedding at least once a week in hot water, it will kill all the germs and dust mites.

Buy Non=Toxic Natural Cleaning Products

When the allergic response of our body is very high, it is good to invest in organic cleaning products. It is because cleaning products mostly contain chemicals and produce fumes. Therefore, it is better to stay away from these traditional cleansers for the time the allergic response is high.

Wear A Mask When Cleaning Or Gardening

The dust mites and pollens can trigger allergy and so it is better to wear a mask when you are cleaning your home or yard. According to the allergists, pollen counts are highest from five to 10 AM, so it is better to avoid gardening during this time. As we have already said, prevention is better than cure.

Keep The Surrounding Environment Clean

Carpets undoubtedly keep your floors clean but they harbor pet dander, pollen and dust, all of which could trigger allergy symptoms. So, if possible, replace your wool carpet with a jute or ecofriendly one. Embrace the green living concept during such times and thus stay safe from allergies.

Check Your Homes For Mold And Pollen

When the rains say goodbye and the mercury rises, mold begins to show up in various corners of our homes. Purchase a good de-humidifier and prevent mold forming at your place.

Make Use Of Organic Oregano Oil

Allergists recommend using oregano oil to keep upper respiratory tract healthy. Using it as a supplement will also reduce the histamine production in the body. Histamine is the chemical that triggers allergic reaction and causes swelling.

Wash Your Clothes Thoroughly After You Have Been Outside Even For A While

On your way back home from office, outdoor pollen gets on the closer you are wearing. It is therefore, important that when you come back home, you change your clothes immediately. This will prevent the outdoor pollen from settling down on the furniture and other areas of your home. If possible, take a shower before going to bed. This would prevent the pollen from your hair settle onto your pillow.

With these tips, your allergies would keep at bay and you could enjoy the changing seasons too!