What Are The Causes And Treatments For The Oral Thrush?

The oral care is important. The tongue is one of the senses of the body which helps you taste the food. There are certain bacteria and fungi in our body which helps us body. Some are useful whereas some are harmful and cause problems in the body. One such fungus, Candida is the reason behind thrush.

oral-thrush-candidaThrush is a yeast infection which happens in the mucus membrane lining in the mouth or tongue. It happens when the Candida grows excess in the mouth. Though, the small amount of it stays in the mouth and is checked by the immune system and other germs which live in the mouth. But, when the immune is weak or the checking germs die, the fungus overgrows.

The following factors can accelerate the chances of getting a thrush:

1)  Long term use of antibiotics
2)  Being poor in health
3)  Having HIV/AIDS
4)  Being very old or young
5)  Taking steroid medicines
6)  Getting chemotherapy or drugs which weaken the immune system

Thrush is commonly found in infants. There is nothing to worry when an infant gets it unless it stretches longer than a couple of weeks. Candida can also cause yeast infection in the vagina.

Those who have diabetes or high blood sugar are at a higher risk of getting thrush in the mouth. This is because the extra blood in your saliva acts as a food for Candida. Also, taking high dose of antibiotics or even taking them for a longer period of time can increase the risk of oral thrush. It happens as antibiotics kill those bacteria which avoid Candida from overgrowing.


It is easy to treat oral thrush with the help of anti-fungal medicines. This treatment is also known as topical therapy. It is provided as an oral suspension which washes away the mouth and later is swallowed by the patient.

But, those who have got it as a result of weak immune will require systemic treatment of oral or intravenous administered anti-fungal. Whereas, thrush in infants don’t require any treatment. It, normally, go away in two weeks.

If you’ve developed a mild thrush on your tongue after taking antibiotics then eating yogurts can really help. Once can also take over-the-counter acidophilus capsules. Another solution could be to use a soft toothbrush and rinse your mouth with a diluted 3% hydrogen peroxide solution many times a day.

Apart from it, those who are having blood sugar can avoid it by controlling their blood sugar level. Your doctor may also prescribe you an antifungal mouthwash in case you’re having a severe thrush or a weaken immune system. These products are to be used for only 5 to 10 days. In case they fail, other medications can be prescribed.

Thrush can be really awful and can trouble you a lot. It is important that one takes proper care of it and avoid them to spread. A proper health care and regular check-up can be easy in case you want to have a proper check on the Candida. Also, one should increase the immune system by a proper diet.