Ways To Get Rid Of Gum Infection

Gums are an important part of our mouth. They hold the teeth, provide them blood and also give strength to our teeth. We often think about our teeth and take care of it but what we forget is gums are equally important.
gum infectionsThis negligence of ours leads us to less care of our gums and thus we don’t pay attention to few symptoms that leads them to infect. Let’s see what are the symptoms and then the cure of this problem.


It is very important for anyone to understand the signs and symptoms of gum infections. We often ignore it thinking of something else and then this becomes complicated. You might get mild to severe pain or even would notice swelling.

You will also witness redness and bleeding in your gums. Your breathe will also smell bad and there will be a puss formation around the teeth and gums. You might also have gaps between the gums. Some might have a toothache and loosing or shifting of the teeth.


There are medicines and home remedies available for this problem. If you’re suffering from minor gum infection it can be treated with the least medication where you can get relieved from swelling and pain. Even though, if you don’t get relief, you can opt for antibiotics.

Sometimes, treatment involves removal of tartar. It is a closely attached to the gums that it could be only removed by a professional. Post this treatment, a person has to pay more attention to his dental hygiene.

As far as the home remedies are concerned, you can gargle with slightly hot saline water, maximum time in a day. Also you can apply clove oil in your gums as they might give you a relief from the pain. Also, you can opt for garlic too. All you have to do is crush the clove with garlic and place it on the infected gums.

To reduce the swelling you can use ice packs. Sometimes, due to the hard brush head one faces trouble. Opt for a soft bristle toothbrush. To avoid the deposition of the food materials over there, it is advisable if you could brush your twice a day and floss before sleeping. This way, your mouth will be free from all the materials which can cause bacterial activity.

A good and healthy gum can only provide you strong teeth. It is important that you take care of it properly. If you’re really keen in having a nice breathe and healthy gum then you’ve to follow the above things and take necessary precautions. You know the symptoms of gum infection, it is better that you visit your dentist sooner so that if you’re suffering from it you take the necessary treatment as quickly as possible. Keep your gums free from infection and keep smiling.