Ways To Eradicate Caffeine Headache

Headaches are classified into types such as constant headaches, pressure headaches, stress headaches and sinus headaches. These headaches are generally observed due to consumption of the certain unnecessary foods and tensions. Different symptoms are observed in every individual.

Business woman in distress at workIn our daily life, we have coffee in the morning. Some people believe that having a coffee in the morning is a good way to start a day, specifically when you had less sleep than required. But the pitfall is if you become dependent on the caffeine, there are many problems which you might have to face after you quit the habit of having it. One of the major symptoms of the withdrawal of caffeine is extreme headache which can be as fatal as migraine. The signs can get vanished sooner or later as you reduce the consumption of caffeine.

Coffee and tea have caffeine which is a stimulant and is a vasoconstrictor i.e. it narrows the blood vessels present in the brain. Caffeine minimizes the flow of blood in the vessels and that is because the headache occurs. Everything taken in excess is bad; Caffeine when consumed over the limit can cause serious problems.

You can get rid of caffeine headaches by number of ways; one of them is to start having fibrous food stuffs. Healthy regular exercise can energize your body. Exercise is as good as coffee when it comes to instant stimulation. Let your body relax and repair itself with enough sleep. Adequate amount of sleep is the best therapy to revitalize your body.

Control Your Daily Caffeine Intake:

It is necessary to keep control on your daily caffeine intake and take a note of it. If required, consult a doctor and ask him how much caffeine intake can be taken a day. Also, some of the pain relievers have few amounts of caffeine. If you are habitual to coffee almost 6 cups a day then cut it down to 3 cups a day.

Caffeinated drinks are diuretic; because of that you have to urinate more often. This causes dehydration and thus leads to headaches. This happens because, when liquids are thrown out of the body at a faster rate, body uses water from the body part which includes the brain.

Get Adequate Sleep:

Try and sleep for maximum time. Sleeping for plenty hours can reduce your headache. If you are exhausted and distracted, it can lead to more caffeine intake. It can cause lack of sleep and ultimately results in headache.

Relax Your Body With Non-Caffeine Products:

To get rid of caffeine headaches you can have peppermint tea. Peppermint is generally used as a remedy for headache. As it is a natural product it does not have any side effects. Another way to stay away from the headache is to have a good head massage. It can relax the muscles and frees the tension helping in getting off the headache.

Have a good protein and nutritious diet and include number of fish in it such as salmon, anchovies and sardines. These fish are full of necessary oils and can reduce the headaches.

Pain Killers:

You can take pain killers to fight against headaches but under the guidance of a doctor. Ibuprofen is a good pain reliever as it does not have caffeine content in it.

The effective method to stay away from caffeine headaches in the future is to have control on caffeine intake. Coffee can be replaced by herbal tea or decaf. Always keep a check on caffeine content in the food and drinks you have.