Vomiting- Overview, Symptoms, Causes And Treatment


Vomiting is nothing but the voluntary or the involuntary action of empting the contents in the stomach of the organism! In slang terms is nothing but throwing up! Before the vomiting act can take place there may be a slight uneasy action in the stomach of the person. Conditions of pregnancy, motion sickness, food poisoning, over eating, gastro and other such disorder may lead to the acts of vomiting and nausea!


There are different types of vomiting and they differ in terms of the matter that may be ejected out from the system. For example, one type of vomiting is the fecal vomiting. In fecal vomiting, there may be the ejection of partially or fully digested matter! It is not that the vomit is in the form of the fecal matter but however the smell can be extremely noxious! It is a combination of liquid and gas pressure that is expelled into the stomach from the intestine and let out from the esophagus and finally through the mouth! Another form is the projectile vomiting that expels the gastric contents with a lot of force. However, this one may be so forceful that matter may even come out from the nose!


The feeling of nausea due to any of the disorder may just be the only one symptom that is going to signal the act of vomiting! Disorder such as gallbladder disease, brain tumour, administration of drugs, food poisoning as well as cancers and over consumption of alcohol can aggravate the nauseate feeling and make it so unpleasant that the vomiting may just transpire!


Viral infection, allergies from certain foods like nuts and eggs as well as certain milk products, food poisoning can be the biggest cause of the “throwing up” scenario when it comes to children! Even fever, inability to administer oral drugs and reverse effects of antibiotics, motion sickness and overeating can cause nausea and vomiting in children and even in elders! When there may be an ulcer in the stomach or if it is ruptured lining of the stomach, food poisoning and bulimia could be the cause of persistent vomiting after shortly after you have binged on your meal platter!

Diagnosis / Tests

There are no such tests for finding out the reason of the vomiting act, but however, the colour of the vomit may be able to suggest what the person is suffering from and why the act of vomiting came about! The causes of the nausea and vomiting when once found out can help in keeping away such “disgusting gestures” at bay! For example, id the colour of the vomit is extremely red – liver like red clots seen in the vomit may suggest the profuse bleeding of the stomach and if it is subtle red in colour it is the bleeding of the oesophagus! Thus it is necessary to check on the outcome when it is about checking up on the source! The digestive tract, the sensory system – brain may also have their significance in the causes of such happenings! Thus they should be kept checked upon and tests to diagnose problems related to these may be helpful to root the causes of vomiting!


While a person has been burdened down with those colourful antibiotics that dint really act up well on your digestion and have made you puke, you can go on to get some drugs called antiemetic! These are anti-vomit and anti-nausea drugs. These drugs can be very helpful even for treating the vomiting scenario when it comes to motion sickness and side effects of treating cancer – chemotherapy! It is also necessary to fill your tummy bag with a lot of water and other liquids to help calm down the vomiting act. Make sure you are not binging on heavy platters and solid foods which require complex digestion till your vomiting act has subsided off! Make sure you are discontinuing any and all of the medication, as this one is going to make you feel worse!


It is always a requisite to keep yourself full with good nourishment rather than the foods which would take long to process and would cause food poisoning (Too much of eating outside food). You need to limit your intake of junk food as it can hamper your digestion process and even cause gastric and acidity problems! Make sure you are consuming good amount of fibre in your diet as well as immense proportions of water and other soothing liquids to keep away the vomit from your basin! Pregnant women should munch up on some crackers or protein bars – lean meat or cheese before they hit the sack, to avoid the vomiting cases! The drugs – antibiotics that may be causing such scenarios should be complemented with anti-nausea drugs or should be changed in to prescribing syrups or other milder forms! It is extremely essential to eat tiny portions of meals all through the day rather than going crazy over the breakfast – lunch – dinner scenes! Slow down your eating – chew your food properly!

Home Remedies

The combination of powdered cardamom and honey taken time to time can be extremely helpful to cure vomiting! Honey seems to be of great help as it can be extremely relieving when taken with fresh onion juice at regular intervals! It can help keep away the problems of vomiting! Mint, lemon and ginger juices mixed with honey can be great too. Avoid carbonated drinks and take up a glass of rice water as the starch can help you calm out in order to stop vomiting. Ginger works just at its best for Vomiting problems! Ginger juice, chewing on raw ginger or even going board with the ginger flavoured tea can be just amazing to help you away from vomiting.

Warnings / Precautions

Keeping yourself well hydrated and avoiding stomach irritable foods  such as acidic food and carbonated drinks as well as spicy and oily foods that would hamper digestion is extremely important! Eat food – frequent tiny meals and small portions rather than the big plates and junk food. Make sure you chew your food well and are consuming good proportion of fibres in your diet!

Questions To Ask Your Doctor

It is necessary to find out whether it is anything serious in the internal systems that are causing nausea and frequent vomiting. There may be possibilities of the lining of the stomach being ruptured as well as bleeding and even the oesophagus bleeding. To know if the symptoms could subside with herbal “from the home remedies” is also important. Foods to avoid and foods to go gaga over are also important interrogations!

Special Note

Taking up small and refreshing amounts of sweetened liquids and juices from time to time and getting enough rest as well as getting yourself the required “off from routine” is important to get you fixed quick! Kids who eat and play at the same time and indulge in video games while in the car can fall prey to puking – thus avoid it!