Urine Colour And Its Meaning

You might have questions whenever you see your urine changing colour, especially when you are not feeling well. Urine changes its colour as per the health and disease. Its normal colour is pale yellow or straw-yellow in colour. Although it has many colours such as dark yellow, pink or red, orange, green, brown, blue, and also black.
Urine ColorThe reasons for chancing varieties of colour are many for e.g. medication, injuries, dehydration, ingested, foods and drinks, supplements and illnesses. Hence changes of colour, odour and consistency provides you with important clues about the status of your body’s health, it can show what have you eaten, what and how much you drink and what diseases you carry. Therefore, it’s most vital to check the colour of urine to make out whether we are fit or have to develop our health.

Normal Urine

Light yellow is an ideal colour of urine. It means that the body is performing well and you are well hydrated. Rebellion is responsible for urine’s colour that is yellow. It is formed due to breakdown of hemoglobin, the red tint that transmits the oxygen around the body in red blood cells. And the hemoglobin gets unconfined when old red blood cells get damaged.

Dark Yellow

Because of consuming some medications or because of dehydration; your body gets less water to enter the urine, so it turns dark yellow. It is usually dark early in the morning as intake of water is low.

Fluorescent Yellow Urine

If we consume more of vitamin B2; which is yellow in colour, and also known as riboflavin, if we eat more of riboflavin than we require. Than extra riboflavin enters the urine and gives a fluorescent yellow colour or neon yellow.

Pink or Red Urine

It can be due to utilization of food with red colour such as beetroot and blackberries, then blood include into the urine. It can also indicate injured kidney, urinary tract or urinary bladder, in which blood assorted with urine show the colour red.

Green or Blue Urine

The common hue which is found in many urinary allied medicines can change your urine colour into blue or green. It can also show because of eating lots of asparagus.

Orange Urine

Urine change into orange colour if you eat lots of carrots and it can give the skin a yellow-orange colour which is known as carotenemia. Vitamin C can also turn the colour of urine into orange or dark yellow.

Colorless Urine

It is because of excess intake of pure water that means the person is hydrated or sometimes even over-hydrated, as too much water dilutes necessary electrolytes inside our body.

Black or Brown Urine

It can turn if you eat lots of aloe or fava beans. Even Methyldopa; a drug given to assist with high blood pressure, can also change urine colour into black.

Cloudy Urine

It is due to the presence of phosphate crystals in the urine. That can appear after eating lots of phosphate foods like milk. Phosphate crystals withdraw when you add little amount of vinegar in the urine. It is also a sign of urinary tract infection or kidney damage and can also be symptoms of diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

Hence, when you see changes in your urine colour, you will able to make-out the problem your health is going through, or it is the consequence of excess eating certain food.