Top 6 Causes Which Could Lead To Fatigue

Either feeling tired or exhausted can considerably delay the person’s ability to function at home or at the workplace and might perhaps be the most vital indication in an individual.

causes-lead-to-fatigueFeeling tired is one of the initial causes of early outcome from the workplace. Overeating too could be one reason behind this problem .Given below are the top reasons on what causes fatigue or makes you feel tired:

1. Lack Of Sleep. The first and foremost primary cause of feeling tired or exhausted is due to lack of sleep. Well this might sound very simple to your ears but getting little sleep too could be the biggest reason on making your tired. It is even reported that around 32 percent of the people across the globe have spells of insomnia. Age has got to do much with the sleeping pattern. When it comes to babies, they need at least 15 hours of sleep during the day whereas teenagers need at least eight to ten hours of sleep. As you age, you tend to sleep less and hence feel tired.

2. Less Appetite. This is the cause of making you feel exhausted. Eating less food or indulging in eating junk stuff could be a major unseen problem. If you tend to begin your day with your much-loved doughnuts, the sugar levels in the blood might take a toll and leave you feeling lazy or lead to lethargy. Instead of following this habit, try to indulge in a healthy breakfast that includes all the goodness of rich protein and fiber with the needed nutrients to the body development. Eggs and whole meat keep the energy levels high throughout the day.

3. Anaemia. This is the third top causes of feeling a run-down in the body.  When the body fails to store sufficient amount of red blood cells to carry out enough oxygen, it causes Anaemia. Women after menopause and at least 25 men might be the sufferers of this kind of unwanted tiredness in them. This could even be caused due to lack of iron intake. To cure this, iron rich foods or supplements can be helpful.

4. Underactive Thyroid. The thyroid is a tiny gland, which controls the metabolism, and speed that acts as an energy booster to the body. When it is out of control or inactive, the metabolism works slowly that in turn makes, you feel lethargic and hence gain weight. This is very commonly found in both, men and women above the age of 45.

5. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. If you feel tired for a long time for an extensive period then this could be called as chronic fatigue syndrome. If the situation still exists, you must see a doctor. One suggestion, which goes here, is to change your routine and eating habits accordingly. Workouts could be helpful in treating this problem.

6. Food Intolerance. This can make you either sleepy or sluggish. If eating selected foods makes you worse then you are probably having mild food intolerance. You can visit your health expert for a detailed examination of your body and to find out what makes you tired all the time.

Above are the top 6 reasons of feeling tired. Always opt for healthy options in diet and vice versa. A change in routine and lifestyle can help overcome this problem easily.