Stay Away From these Health Risks

“Better late than never”, a saying we all must be aware of. We are often advised not to take easy our health problems even if it may be the minutest of a disease. You never know when a disease, an infection can grow and become big. It is thereby essential for us to take our life, our health seriously and take utmost precautions and care when it comes to you.

health riskHealth risks that one should avoid:

1. Holding Your Cell Phone Close To Your Ear

Many of us are aware of the fact that holding your cell phone close to your ears may prove to be risky. Studies have shown that when one holds his or her phone close to the ear there may be a risk of brain tumor. One should also avoid texting or talking while driving or riding as it may prove fatal. These are those small things which we tend to ignore but are of vital importance.

2. Microwaving Your Food In Plastic

When you heat the food in a microwave, it releases some chemicals which build in plastic, sending those chemicals into whatever foodstuffs you’re are warming or heating up. There is one such chemical known as bisphenol A (BPA) which has the potential to mimic the estrogen in your body to a great extent

3. Choosing A Shower Curtain Made Out Of PVC

Shower curtains that you use in your bathrooms are made out of nothing, but PVC (Polyvinyl Cholride). It has a significant exposure to chemicals that we may not be aware of namely phthalates. These chemicals are used as plasticizers in almost everything from vinyl to raincoats, soaps, lotions, shampoos and much more.

4. Long Running Of A Humidifier

There is nothing wrong in using a humidifier occasionally and keeping it clean, it depends on every individual and on their use of the humidifier. But many people do not care to clean the humidifier due to which bacteria starts to develop. The moist atmosphere is a home to the bacteria which breeds in it day in and day out. This could lead to health problems for you. Many researches and studies have revealed that when your humidifier is not clean you tend to breathe in dirty, humid air which could lead to lung cancer and other infections.

5. Readymade Canned Food For Infants

Many moms accidentally feed their babies with toxic and harmful foodstuff in the initial moths of a baby’s growth. All these canned foods are contaminated and are lined with BPA. Exposure to BPA can cause chromosomal disorders. It can lead to spontaneous miscarriage and genetic disorders. One may not be knowing that feeding babies soy milk can be dangerous too as it contains manganese, which can lead to brain damage in infants and unusual behavior in infants. When a baby is fed with soy, he receives equivalent to 5 birth control pills worth of estrogen every single day. The isoflavone levels in these babies were found to be 15000 to 20,000 times higher than non-soy newborn.