No Glasses Needed, Improve Eyesight In Other Ways

Ever heard about your granny telling your mum to put you on regular consumption of one glass of thick carrot juice? You surely felt like a hare, but however you will realize soon what its effects are and how it can help the eye sight of a person! It is an ease out of misery if you followed the orange colored juice therapy as it is going to help you throughout your life to keep your eye sight fixed while the other counter parts that ignored such suggestion would be doomed with thick and fat square shaped glasses concealing half their faces! Carrots and other yellow-orange colored vegetables have a good content of beta carotene – Vitamin A and should be included in the diet in order to provide the necessary nutrients for these almond shaped gifts!
improve eye sight without glassThe almonds and the shape of the eyes resemble and it also relates to making the vision better! The almonds are good source of different nutrients that can work wonders and miracles when it comes to curing the weakened eye sight! Not to forget, fish and like products such as cod liver oil which provide a good dose of Vitamin E are important to keep your opticians number out of the diary!

Vitamin A and Vitamin E should be made part of the daily diet to avoid any trouble related to the pearl like eyes!

We exercise out body to keep it fit and well function! Why not exercise the eye muscles too? The tender looking eyes that gaze around do so due to the muscles that help them do the wonders! It is necessary to make it a habit to indulge in various exercises in order to keep the muscles of the eyes from “rusting away”.

Especially women who are glued to the television serials or the kids on their play stations and men and other teenagers typing and hitting the mouse buttons while they glare into the computer and laptop screens, are the ones who really require following the 20-20-20 rule! In 20 minutes of your eyes in strain, look 20 meters away for 20 seconds! It can do wonders to fix and rejuvenate your eye strength and will definitely help you to focus better on work!

Near and far focusing in the Yogic methods of exercises for the eyes as well as walking bare footed on the green grass can do a lot for your pearl studded organs!

Follow the figure of “8”!

Imagine the figure “8” in from of you! Giant and huge! As huge as 10 feet and now turn it sideways! Let it sleep and your eyes need to exercise now! They need to go around slowly along the lines forming the curves of the sleeping”8” and need to go both the ways to give your eye muscles the perfect workout!

Many such exercises and diet routines should be inculcated to avoid eye problems later in life!