How To Treat Headache Without Medication

The human body is like a machine. There are several things which can be a hindrance in the daily functions of the body. Among those, headache is the most common problem which an average population faces. It could affect people because of several problems.
HeadAcheNormally, people either ignore, thinking it would go away automatically or opt for some medications. Whereas, it could be healed naturally too. We bring to you certain reasons of the headache and also some natural solutions to it. These might help you to bring back your head to the normal position.


We need to understand that the brain is not having any pain receptors. That means, the headache is caused by the pain sensitive areas around it. There could be numerous causes of this pain. The causes can be defined as primary or secondary causes. Listed below are some common causes.

Primary Cause:

The most common causes of headache are called as primary causes. This could be a migraine, cluster or tension.

  • 1)    Migraine: This is caused by the reduced flow of blood in certain areas around the brain. This could have symptoms like sensitivity of noise and light, intense throbbing pain, nausea, vomiting and normally it occurs on one side of the brain.
  • 2)    Tension: This happens because of the muscle strain either in head or in the neck area or both. This could also be caused by the emotional stress. This is mild and happen both sides of the head. Sometimes, there may be throbbing pain. This may make the research believe that the person is suffering from migraine.
  • 3)    Cluster: These are the type of headache which occurs on constantly for weeks and even months. This is normally centered on the eyes. Although, the causes are unknown.

Secondary Causes:

These types of headache occur due to the problem in either your head or neck area. Some of it is dangerous for your life. They may have life-threatening or even for long term damage to your health.


  • 1)    Peppermint Oils: This is a cooling effect to the headache caused by tension. All you’ve to do is apply this in your hairline and wait for some time. It would relax your muscles and would provide you a relief in a few minutes.
  • 2)    Ginger: It is a noted home medicine for various problems. All you’ve to do is crush it and put it in boiling water. This would show the almost same effect as aspirin. Try it and it might turn out to the best option other than aspirin.
  • 3)    Massage Your Side: Sometimes, it is better to massage the sides of your head. This would give a relief after a few minutes. This is also the economical way to deal with headache.
  • 4)    Drink Water: Sometimes, dehydration could also be the reason behind the headache. In such case, it is better that you drink water so that you could face the headache and can get rid of it.
  • 5)    Magnesium: Those suffering from migraine, taking magnesium could help them to fight with it. Magnesium relaxes the nerve which gets overexcited. Studies show that those suffering from migraine suffers from the deficiency of magnesium.
  • 6)    Relax Yourself: Whenever you’re having a headache, you can also take a rest. All you’ve to do is close your eyes, shut those lights and relax for 30 minutes. This might help you nerve cells to calm down and thus you would feel a little better.
  • 7)    Cool Compress: Sometimes, you can also take help of cool compress. You just need to keep something cool over your head. This would relax your muscle and thus you might get a relief.
  • 8)    De-Stress Yourself: Often, stress is the reason behind headache. In such cases, it is advised to take the time out and de-stress yourself. There are various ways of doing it. This could calm your mind and thus you can get rid of the headache.

Dealing with headache isn’t an easy task. This can take you to a roller coaster ride. It is important that you take all the necessary measures to face it. All the above mentioned solutions can really help you to fight it, naturall