How Can You Quit Nail Biting?

One of the expressions of showing that you’re being tensed is biting nails. People do it for various reasons. Some do it when they’re thinking something, some do out of tension and then, there are some who have no reason but do it.
Quit Nail BitingThere are always a couple of people who are in a habit of biting nails. No matter what, they don’t need a reason to do that. They find it refreshing or simply have a habit of doing it. This is indeed a bad habit for anyone. This starts from childhood and if not noticed and cared on the right time can become a habit of a life time.

There are many ways to get rid of this habit. Normally, nail biting comes from the nervousness or anxiety. The first and foremost thing which one should do is watch his/her own actions. Be caution when you’re biting your nail. Keep yourself under the scanner and make sure that you are not biting it a lot.

This might be quite difficult for you as you have a habit of doing it, consciously or unconsciously your hand will move towards your mouth and you’ll find your nails between your teeth. It is best that in such a case that you tell your friends to remind you not to bite your nails. They can be a really good help for you if you really want to get rid of it.

But it is not possible to be with your friends all the time, so here is another option. This is for women, though. Get your nails painted from bitter tasting nail paint. So, whenever you’re taking you nails between your teeth, the bitter tasting nail paint would give you a signal that you don’t have to bite your nails.

Also, being a woman it is an advantage that you can wear the fake nails. Wear them and then when you will think of biting it; it won’t be easy for you. And after a few attempts you would realize that you’re wearing a fake nail to avoid your natural nails from cutting.

You can also go for a professional manicure. This way, as you would see your hand approaching your mouth, you would realize the amount you’ve spent on that manicure and you would not cut your fingers. Another easy way is to keep admiring your nails and hand. This way, your mind would avoid you to ruin that beauty that you have and your nails will be safe.

Now, coming back to the unisex solutions, keep your hands busy. Keeping your hand busy simply means that you should never allow your hand to be free. As your hands will be free, they will reach to mouth and nail biting would start.

Another thing you can do is wear gloves or cover your fingers. This way, you won’t think of removing your gloves or finger covers to bit nail. In a way, you would avoid doing it. As we said earlier that nail biting happens through the anxiety or tension or stress. It is important that you find out an alternative to deal with those mental sit back so that you don’t have to bite your nails.

We all know that biting nails is a very bad habit. So, if you’re waiting to get rid of this habit then you should try using the above solutions. Soon, one day, you would let go this habit.