How Are Mental, Physical And Spiritual Health Linked?

Health - Mental, Physical and SpiritualWhile we consider the physical health of any individual, do we also consider the mental and spiritual frame that the person confides in? Definitely not! Only the symptoms on the physical health are considered to treat it. How you are on the psychological hand spiritual front may be given very little or no importance when it comes to treating the disorder and thus this causes the incompletion of the health repair!

For instance, if we consider the mentality of a person who is extremely short tempered! The anger gestures of such a person can connect to his disturbed behaviour and low faith in oneself thereby disrupting the physical health especially the liver and pancreas which get affected in the bargain. This connects the angry mind with the disturbed soul leading to a disrupted organ system. Thus, as a matter of fact it is necessary to realise that we have to start considering the entire combination and team of organs, systems, physical body, mind, soul, emotions and the feelings in order to study and evaluate as to how we feel and why we feel it to treat / cure it from all the core perspectives thereby healing it completely and avoiding its relapse.

“It is all in the mind” is a true saying and we all need to consider this at our disposal to treat ourselves! When an individual holds a negative thinking and outlook towards life, it is the mind that is setting up circumstances for the body to invite the negativity! This is the time when the soul is negated and tends to attract the negativity from the universe. Thus, the physical body suffers the brunt in the form of illness! It is as significant that the body needs to connect with the higher self and the universal existence. For example when we close the eyes and steer through the exercise of meditation, it is the mind that first calms out and relaxes the entire thought process. This helps to make thoughts more spaced out and positive while it also relaxes the heart rate.

When the mind and the heart are collaborated, the cardiovascular, respiratory as well as the reproductive and excretory systems fall into integration that is subtle and eased out. When the mental and physical health unites due to the relaxed spiritual behaviour, the entire physical container consisting of the various organs, the mind and the sentiments can be in a peaceful collaboration to promote a green and hale and hearty health!

It is the need of the modern man to understand the relationship between “saying the peaceful prayers and indulging in a meditative exercise” along with nutrition supplemented through good and fresh food and body exercises for physical being, teamed with the mental thoughts and feelings / emotions that require to flow in a smooth pattern; in order to reform and energise oneself to shore up as a complete and happy individual from and on all aspects of life.