Health Benefits Of Winding Down With A Glass Of Red Wine

Young woman smelling red wineSipping a glass of red wine  is a great way to chill out after a restful long day. Although researchers have taunted wine as healthy for the heart,but what if I say that red-wine also happens to come with some amazing other health benefits, which probably you weren’t aware about.  Read on to know more about the health benefits of red wine.

1.    Lessens The Chance Of Obesity: Red wine not only suppresses your appetite by making you feel more satisfied, but also obstruct the growth of fat cells with the help of piceatannol present in it.  This substance basically stops the maturing or forming of the fat cells into full puffed fat.  Thus, it whittles your waistline and reduces the chance of obesity.

2.    Boost Your Heart: Researchers believe that red wine is as effective as aspirin. The antioxidants present in red wine not only lessens  saturated fats but also reduces the risk of clotting. It keeps blood vessels flexible for proper blood circulation.  The saponins and flavonoids in red wine protects you against cardiovascular problems.  However, moderation is the key.

3.    Prevents Tooth Decay: To maintain those pearly set of whites, take a sip of red wine. Polyphenols  in red wine strengthens  your enamel thereby preventing growth of bacteria and tooth decay. Moreover, it also prevents gum disease and eases gum inflammation.

4.    Keeps Cold At Bay: Well, every hates irritating cold and runny nose.  However, the antioxidants present in red wine may help in keeping you healthy.  A team of researchers found, those who drank more than fourteen glasses of wine weekly have reduced chances to come down to a problem of common cold.  Besides, these antioxidants are believed to lessen sex hormones to protect cells against breast cancer.

5.    Strengthen Your Bones: Some recent findings show that moderate consumption of red wines can help in sustaining strong, healthy bones. This is more apparent when a woman reaches the postmenopausal stage. Healthier bones lessens the chances of osteoporosis. But on the other hand, overconsumption of red wine can reverse its effects thereby making bones more brittle and weaker.

6.    Extends Lifespan: Not only red wine prevents cancer, but the resveratrol present in it also fight aging. It accomplishes this by both triggering the longevity gene named SRT1 which then improves overall wellness and by preventing chronic disease like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems and cancer.

7.    Helps Digestion :  Polyphenols in the red wine releases nitric oxide which in turn stretches the stomach walls, helps in counteracting the effects of irritable bowel movement and whilst improves the digestion process.

8.    Spice Up Your Dinner:  Who said intake of red wine has to be limited only to a glass of wine?  Adding it to your dinner as a complimentary ingredient or sauce can also serve a lot of benefits plus make the dinner tastiest.

So sit back, relax yourself and keep on pouring wine into your glass, but remember, moderation is a key!