Foods which help You Concentrate When you really need to

When you are completing your project-work or might have to submit school-work, you usually tend to go for energy drinks as well as coffee to keep yourself alert or awake. It would bring some of jitter or distress that isn’t good. But now you can try some of the healthy morning foods or afternoon- chomps when you are in your office. Following foods will aid your brain to improve focus, remain healthy as well as sharp.

Healthy foods


Carbohydrates are the main food for your brain, as it supplies quick energy and helps brain. Expert’s advice to choose healthy and complex carbohydrate that is available in food like whole grains, as it does not lead to blood sugar spikes, as it is caused by refined carbohydrate like those contained in doughnut. Hence, add healthy carbohydrate in your breakfast if you want to performance considerably during the day. You can find cereal as a great alternative to quinoa with added milk and fruits, such as berries and apple as per your taste.


Iron is great, as it is not only good for your energy level, but because mineral also enhance mental keenness. One of the recent studies showed that, if a person consumes protein-rich meals such as foods like chicken, beef and cheese, etc., there is a remarkable increase in their iron levels. This enhances memory, attention and planning abilities. According to experts this happens because of nutrient-filled meals that enhance individuals’ nutrition absorption from diets as well as the degree of iron in their body.


You might have heard of benefits of eggs, but never skip its yolk, as they contain lutein – an antioxidant usually linked with sharp eyesight. However, the lower level of lutein within a persons’ brain can lead to mild cognitive issues. They are high in quality protein, as well as fat can satiate your hunger for long, in addition to it, it holds vitamin B, which assists in maintaining your brain-cell structure. So, it will keep your focus on the task you do.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea! Take your dose of refreshment; it includes strong odor that is enough to wake you up. One of the studies in 2011 stated that, video game players, who were given a cup of peppermint tea had finished more game- levels and also found easier to complete it than the persons who did not have peppermint tea. Mint is good for mental arousal and alertness and so they were able to focus for a longer time.


Its juice is great superfoods; it also raises athletic performance and now the studies have even proved that this superfood can even cut-down dementia. Beetroot is rich in nitrates, the substance which assists to dilate blood vessels. The studies have even shown that the beetroot may enhance blood flow in your brain’s white matter, which functions like bridge connecting other regions of your brain. Enhanced blood flow in the frontal lobes in the person’s brain may even increase attention, focus as well as alertness.

Dried Fruit

Dried apricots and apple does not only give natural sugar sources from which your brain can gain quick energy but they are even also chewy which is beneficial. As the latest study indicated that chewing is a great activity in person’s dental regions that are linked with alertness. Hence, chew on dried fruits but restrict it serving to less than ¼ cup to maintain calories.