Easy Ways To Stop Persistent Coughing

Persistent CoughingIt happens that suddenly you start coughing. This coughing shows that the foreign particle or bacteria which were there in the breathing passage is cleared. It is important that these particles are removed on time so that your body is safe.

But sometimes, you might observe that you are coughing continuously for the longer time. This can be an indication that a virus or bacteria is there in the respiratory tract and causing trouble.

There are certain easy ways through which you can get rid of the coughing.

  • Keep yourself hydrate: The particle tickle down at the back of your throat causes irritation. When you keep on drinking water, you tend to keep the membranes moist due to which the particle won’t settle there and would save you from coughing.
  • Take hot shower: It is good if you take hot shower for longer time and breathe in the steam. This would help you keep your throat moist.
  • Drink tea: Drinking tea is important when you’re going through a cough and cold. This would help you to open up your noise and keep your throat moist.
  • Eat hot food: To take you to surprise, eating hot and spicy food can help you to break up the mucous.
  • Know the reason: Sometimes, you might think it as a normal cough but it can turn out to be the result of some allergy. So, find out the particle or environment which is causing you a trouble.
  • Acid reflux cough: Sometimes, the acid from the stomach come up and causes irritation at the throat. The best way to diagnose is to go for an x-ray.
  • Stop smoking: It often happens that people who smoke goes through this constant coughing as the smoke causes irritation in the breathing passage. So, if you’re suffering from constant coughing due to smoking then stop it.
  • Candy: Candy’s and peppermint candy helps you to keep your throat hydrated and keep you away from the constant coughing.
  • Try medication: There are certain medicines available which are especially made for constant coughing. Consult your doctor and go for it.
  • Honey along with lemon juice and cinnamon: Honey is good for the throat and health in any way. Mix it with lemon juice and add ¼ tablespoon of fine cinnamon and drink it after mixing it thoroughly.
  • Onion soup with garlic: Garlic is another important ingredient which is good for health. Boil water and add onion and garlic in it. Allow them to boil for few minutes. Once done, add pepper and salt for taste. This would help you go away with constant coughing.

Coughing can be really irritating and when you cough constantly you could almost feel your soul coming out. There were few options which would help you to deal with constant coughing. But if you’re going through it very often then it is better that you meet your doctor and find out the exact reason behind this constant coughing.