Do You Know Shedding Tears Provide Health Benefits?

Whether it’s to weep the end of a relationship or mourn out of a sheer frustration of a bad day at the office, once you wipe the tears away, things seem better than before.


Researchers have recently suggested that weeping louder can actually be a great way of flushing negative chemicals out of the body and benefit your health.  Tears, also known as “emotional perspiration” helps in healing us physiologically, psychologically and spiritually.  Let’s know, why it is good to cry!

Tears Enables Us To See:

  • The most basic function of weeping is that they help up to see. Crying not only lubricates our eyelids and eyeballs, they also inhibit dehydration of our various mucous membranes. Life without tears in the long run would block the eyesight completely.

Tears Can Promote Mood:

  • Manganese level has a great connection with one’s mood. Exposure to manganese can be hurtful as it causes emotional disturbances, nervousness, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, frustration, aggression, and the rest of the feeling that live in your head rent- free. On the other side,  there are chances that you will feel better if the manganese level is lower. Emotional tears can actually lower a person’s manganese level thereby boosting one’s mood and dealing with sorrow.

Tears Remove Toxins:

  • In a study, it was found that emotional tears (formed in grief or distress) contained more toxic byproducts than irritation tears (caused due to onion peeling or dust). So are tears actually toxic then??? No! In fact, they help in removing toxins from our body that build up depression and stress.

Tears Kill Germs:

  •  Tears work as an antiviral and antibacterial agent that wards off all the germs we pick up on public sinks, shopping carts, community computers, etc. It is said that the lysozyme present in tears can kill about 90 to 95 % percent of all germs in just 5 to 10 minutes.

Tears Reduces Stress:

  • Crying is actually like perspiration, as exercising and shedding tears  both relieves stress. Findings suggest that tears help in removing some of the chemicals accumulated in the body due to stress, like the prolactin and endorphins leucine-enkaphalin.  Tears are simply giving opposite reaction, as suppressive tears increase the level of stress, but also contributes to disease aggravates by stress, like heart problems, peptic ulcers and high blood pressure.

Tears Comfort Feelings:

  • Even though if you haven’t been through anything depressing or traumatic, little resentments and conflict, but after crying usually you may feel a sense of comfort and relief. At times, tears gather inside the limbic system of the brain and in some corners of the heart. Shedding tears is cathartic as it lets the devil out, prior they wreak all sorts of havoc with the cardiovascular and nervous systems thereby making you feel better.

Although crying gradually makes your eyes appear red and swollen. But behind it, shedding tears could be a beneficial panacea for the health of body and mind.