Clove Oil: A Home Remedy To Health Problems

It started with eastern countries where it was used for various medical purposes. With time, it spread to the world. Clove is one the oldest known herb which is being used in various medical treatments and purposes.
clove oilThe clove oil was used for various purposes like upset stomach, for body pains and even for dental problems. It has certain important qualities which help you to heal quickly, naturally. In today’s time, it is used in various products such as toothpaste, soap, perfumes, cosmetics and even cigarette.

The reason behind the most common use of this herb is the ability to heal you properly. As it is a natural treatment there no side-effects on your body. This is one of the reasons it is famous for dental treatment. Let’s see what the other medical uses of this oil are.

Use As A Moisturizer And For Skin Problems

This oil could be the natural remedy for the dry skin. So, make the use of this product by spreading it in your skin with the help of a clean rag. Also, there are various products available in the market which can be good for stretch marks, puffy skin and baggy eyes.

Antiseptic Properties

As the clove oil has antiseptic properties, it can be used for the cuts, wounds, athlete’s foot, scabies etc. This oil can also be used for insect bites or stings but make sure that this is applied directly as it is very strong. For that, you can use in diluted form by mixing it with a lotion or cream. Furthermore, those who have sensitive skin should avoid its usage.

Mental Care

This oil, if taken internally, can be helpful for those who are suffering from insomnia or depression. This oil helps your mind to relax and thus provides you peace. It can be taken in appropriate amounts.

Blood Help

This oil not only provides you the mental peace but also helps your blood to purify and improves circulation. This happens as it increases your metabolism and reduces body temperature.

Makes Your Immune Strong

Both, clove and clove oil are good for your immune. If you take it daily then your blood will purify and also it would get energy to fight with those foreign bodies.

Sexual Life

Those men, who are suffering from premature ejaculation, can take its help. The initial research shows that it can help men to fight with it but there hasn’t been any further research done on this.

Easy Breath

Clove oil has a cooling and anti inflammatory effect. This makes it good for those who are suffering from respiratory problems. It can further be used for those who are suffering from cough, cold, tuberculosis, asthma etc.

By now, you much have known that how clove oil is good for the health. It is important that we opt for a natural solution to our body and health issues so that there is no side-effects, one, and second, it is very economical. One simply has to make sure that they take the right amount whenever they are feeling bad.