Bed bugs! Vital Facts And Treatments

Bed bugs have more or less turned out to be very common these days and as people move in or out, they carry the parasitic pirates together. This could badly affect the person and lead to allergies. Read on further…

bed-bugsFacts Aboutbed Bugs

  • 1.    Bed bugs are tiny, oval shaped insects, feeding on humans or animal’s blood and they do not fly. They can settle anywhere in the home and reside in cracks in furniture or an upholstered one.However, their most common and favorite place seems to be beds that includes mattress, box springs and bed frames.
  • 2.    Bed bugs are active at night. They might attack on exposed areas of the skin when one is sleeping like face, neck, hands and arms.
  • 3.    You do not have to worry about its attack as bedbugs do not cause any pain and they go unnoticed. The bites from bedbugs can be mistaken for a skin rash as well and the symptoms might include redness, swelling and itchiness.
  • 4.    Fecal stains and shed skins of bed bugs suggest itself that bed bugs are present. In order to find out and make your area free from bedbugs, a professional pest control may be required. No such treatment is prescribed to cure the attack from bedbug but skin creams can be used to soothe the rash.


Let Us See What Bed Bugs Are Actually And What Do They Look Like!

Bed bugs are small and they do not fly in the air and belong to the Cimcidae insect family. Bedbugs in appearance are very small and they have flat bodies that could be mistaken for ticks as well. As adult bed bugsare found to be reddish in color, nymphs are crystal-clear and look bright. 70 F is the most favorable temperature for them as they can produce up to three generations every year.

How To Cure Bed Bites?

1.    The harshness of symptoms from bed bugs varies from person to person. A few individuals may not even be aware that they were bitten whereas others may get allergic to it after which they put up with a skin rash.

2.    The first step is to look at the bites carefully as most of the bed bugs appear like other insects that includes mosquitos too. It might be hard in identifying it though.

3.    Secondly, be alert to see when the bites occur. Though, it is tough to find out as the individual’s reaction time, it can differ importantly.  Clear symptoms of this might take some time, may be a week or so after the bug bite.

4.    Always check your bed before sleeping. If you find red blood spots, then it is a clear indication of bed bugs after feeding. Check the mattress entirely with the corners and instead look for a sleeping bed, which is bug resistant.

A few home remedies can help in soothing bed bug bites. Baking powder mixed with water and its paste can be applied to the affected area. Let it dry for some time on the rash and wash it with warm water. The other remedy that can be used is lemon juice. Dab it with a cotton ball and allow it to dry to help in controlling the itchiness. Soaking or taking a hot water bath too can be helpful in relieving the symptoms of bed bugs.

The other best ways to prevent bed bugs is by placing the bed in hot sun, as this is enough to kill the eggs and premature nymphs. Vacuuming twice in a week too could be a big change to keep the bugs away from hitting the bed.

Bed bugs may be hard to evacuate and they can live many months without feeding so make sure that you follow up with some or the other effective methods to keep your abode pest free.