Bad Breath – 8 Ways to Cure It

It is very disgusting if you are talking to someone and suddenly you smell his bath breath and gets blown away by the odor. It creates a very bad impression on other. If you are facing the same problem of bad breath then you have to get rid of it.

Bad BreathBad odor from mouth is the result of the food that you eat and bacterial growth (if any). However, this is not a disease so you can get over it very easily.

Here are few ways through which you can have a control on odor of your breath:

1. Drink Plenty Of Water: Consume as much of water you can have; it will help you to wash out remove the bacteria on your tongue and mouth. The bacterial growth is mostly observed on these places. Also, if your mouth gets dry, your breath can be stinky; in such case, have water to prevent it.

2. Eat Herbs: Every individual have garden at his place; if you too have it start searching for breath-improving solution. The herbs that can give you good breath are coriander, tarragon, eucalyptus, spearmint, cardamom and basils. These are very effective for fighting against bad breath. You can chew them raw or can also put in tea. In both the ways they are effective. Parsley leaves and its tea are good for digestion and are used for improving breath as well. Sandra Lira is taken after eating garlic, but check in the mirror to ensure that your teeth have not become green.

3. Keep Changing Toothpastes: Some health professionals suggest that toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulfate is good for breath as it has oxygenating compounds which are responsible for killing the bacteria in the mouth giving you good and fresh breath, as per the Dr. Harold Katz. He is the originator of The California Breath Clinics.

4. Bush Your Tongue Along With Your Teeth: There are many brands that sell tongue cleaners; you can use any one amongst them. The tongue is the place where bacteria can grow easily so to remove them you need to clean it every day. Once they are removed, there will be no bad odor.

5. Use Chewing Gum Or Mint: After having food you can go for chewing gums and mouth freshener which are very convenient and are easily available everywhere. This is will surely help you get over the bad breath and is the quickest way to obtain it.

6. Avoid Having Garlic And Onions At Work Place: If you are in office, then avoid having food stuffs having garlic and onion content, as the odor these item stay for long. Even if you are having them, immediately brush your teeth or have mint.

7. Avoid Smoking And Drinking: Remove the problem of bad breath from its roots. If you smoke or drink very often, try avoiding them as these are the most commonly used stuffs that give you stinky breathe. Limit the consumption of coffee as well during the office hours.

8. Visit A Dentist: If your problem is serious, then prefer going to the doctor. If you have tried everything at home and bad breath is still an issue then immediately go to a doctor for better remedies.

All these can help you getting rid of bad odor from the mouth and don’t forget to brush your mouth twice or thrice a day.