An Apple Keeps The Doctor Away. But How?

Since childhood, we are taught to eat an apple, everyday. It is said that apple is good for your health. An apple is essential for your health as it provides you with necessary nutrients which your body needs.
health benifits of Apples

But, when you ask anyone what all does it contain and how it helps us to maintain a good healthy body, hardly anyone would be able to answer it. Let us find out what all this small red fruit contains and why should we have it every day.

Apple would help you to have healthier teeth. This doesn’t mean that you have to replace your brush with it. Chewing and eating apple would motivate the production of saliva in your mouth thus reducing the production of bacteria. This way, your teeth would be safe from decay and would look good.

Our immune system needs Vitamin C to be able to fight with foreign elements which are harming our body. An apple is a great source of it. Eating an apple a day would actually help your immune system and this way, you would be free from diseases.

To surprise you, those who eat apple would have less chance of getting cancers. Yes, it helps your body by protecting it from various kinds and types of cancer like colon cancer, breast cancer in woman and prostate cancer.

The fiber found in an apple gets converted into low cholesterol and thus protects your body. Also, when you’ve clean arteries because of the lower level of cholesterol in your blood, your heart is at a better condition and functions properly.

An apple is low in calorie. Which means, when you’re feeling like having chocolate or any such thing which is full in calorie, you can opt for an apple as it contains sugar, which is taking care of your desire and also less in calorie so your weight is also under control. People who wants to lose weight can opt this fruit as it provides them energy at the same time is less in calorie.

A research done showed that people who eat at least 5 apples in a week are free from respiratory problems. This indicates that they have active and fit lungs. Also, the substance found in apple, phytonutirents, helps you to stay mentally healthy. The neurological problems like Alzheimer and Parkinson are less likely to affect your brain.

Now, after this article, you have various reasons and also motive to eat an apple daily. So, when someone asks you to give them one reason on why he/she should eat it, you have couple of benefits of apple to share with them. So, eat an apple and stay fit.