All To Know – Alcohol Abuse Problem

Alcohal Abuse problemsAlcohol abuse is also known as alcoholism or even binge drinking; any of which however may not be recognized by the sufferers in the very first place! This may not be considered as a disorder by many who love to go out socializing and partying over pegs and pegs of their favorite and cool long island ice teas, whiskeys and different beers and more! It is only when the reality is checked upon that you are just unable to hold back from the glass of that shimmery liquid! Problems that could haunt you if you have been drinking your heart to eternity could be of personal and professional nature! The health which is supposed to be rather mighty and wealthy may just be the opposite if you have sipping away on those different brands of your favorite alcohol!


There are two types of alcohol abused problems that are so addictive that it may prove to be life threatening! The first one where the person is anti-social but has a demanding pleasure seeking behavior whereby the alcohol drinking may be peaking by each day whereas the other type is when the alcoholic is driven by anxiety and can go days and days without drinking, but however, after a single peg cannot control on the others to come!


Chronic fatigue and insomnia are two of the most important and commonly seen symptoms in men and women who are alcoholic and are addicted to the high from it! Getting irritated and aggressive after going down pegs of whiskey and other drinks and those sleepless nights are signs of you being abused by alcohol. Poor health as well as impairment of emotional and critical thinking is the signs of such a syndrome! People usually suffer from interpersonal and social negativity too!


The main causes of such a fatigued syndrome are the unawareness of what alcohol can do to our bodies on excessive consumption, especially among adolescents and teenagers! Easy availability of such addictive liquids is also the reason of the number of alcoholics going high by the day, especially among the depressed lot of people! Peer pressure is the biggest cause of people getting into the habit of going out drinking irrelevantly and frequently to keep up with the image of their social peer group.

Diagnosis / Tests

It is however difficult to identify people who are sufferers of this syndrome as it becomes a shame due to the social stigma! But however relevant blood and urine tests that are conducted can show various signs of heavy alcohol consumption. This can be pertaining to the presence of macrocytosis, elevated GGT and high carbohydrate deficient transferring.


Contingency management and motivational interviewing are considered to be very important ways of helping addicted and alcoholic adolescents to achieve positive rewards as well as it is helpful to redirect them towards healthier aims in life. Abstinence which means complete cessation of alcohol consumption is the foremost significant treatment which may however be very difficult! Rehab centers to help the alcoholics go off their addiction may also be helpful. Medications based on a CAGE questionnaire can be helpful too!


The prevention of being abused by the addictive liquid is only possible if stricter laws and regulations are put in order to take away the main reason of the syndrome itself. Non availability of alcohol will keep the addiction at bay and many other related problems can be avoided. Reduced advertising as well as increased licensing and awareness of the hazards of drinking could be implemented to prevent the occurrence of alcoholism!

Home remedies

Grapes serve as an alternative for the alcoholics who are trying to give up on their weakness! There is natural substance alcohol in the grapes which can be useful for putting off the disastrous drinking habit from a person’s life. As helpful are the foods like dates, bitter gourd, celery, apples, ginseng and fruit juices which can enhance healthy nourishment to the body while they put you off your drinking habit. Adequate exercise along with a rich and balanced diet with words of wisdom from the parental end can help the children back off from their habits!

Warnings / Precautions

It is necessary to take precautions when you decide that you need to drink. Whether you suffer from diabetes is a relevant question as it can be very hazardous in the long run! Drinking on an empty stomach is not a good idea! Do not indulge in heavy meals but however, keep your tummy lightly filled. Alcohol should not be mixed! The mixing of alcohol of different types can make you fatigued and dizzy! It may harm your digestive system and it is important to count the calories of the drink you are consuming in case you suffer cholesterol.

Questions to ask your doctor

Asking your doctor about whether you are an alcoholic or you just are in the progress mode of becoming one; if you are on, then you could quit or no, the various ways of how you could withdraw as well as keeping up with the withdrawal after the course of detoxifying yourself and getting alcoholic-absent ways is very important! To be assured of you getting off the drinking habit and ways of getting off it are extremely important!

Special note

It is a fact that alcohol consumption if done in excess can prove to ruin your interpersonal relations, family life, can drive you down into depression and can be the reason of your lost job. Cancer and liver diseases that could be fatal are the most commonly observed causes of death in the world today and these are due to alcohol abuse. It is important to keep the consumption limited as the number of alcoholics is just on the rise. Industrial accidents and fatalities taking place at the work place are the results 50 percent of the times due to alcohol.