7 Essential Attributes Of Health That You Must Know

healthy_lifestyleOne can refer the term wellness in a range of conditions in our body. Whilst several folks link their wellness to physical wellness, it might also be useful in describing spiritual, emotional, occupational, intellectual, mental or environmental well being. These attributes of health interact together for determining the overall wellness.

1.    Physical
Physical well being is one of the aspects required to keep a person’s body in optimum condition. Thus, a balanced and healthy diet along with regular exercising helps to fortify cardiovascular wellbeing, flexibility and endurance.

  • You ought monitor indications of your body in order to acknowledge when your body is unable to receive the required nutrition
  • Maintain optimum health to enhance self-esteem, self-control and determination
  • Get adequate sleep and keep away from alcohol and tobacco products
  • Keep a tab on your blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels on a regular basis

2.    Intellectual
It is vital to indulge in stimulating and creative chores that let you to share your knacks and broaden your knowledge base.

  • Indulge in intellectual and cultural activities or programs
  • Revere mental and stimulation growth
  • Indulge in finding new ideas and exploring new stuffs

These will help you to discover a path for exploring your innovative side as well as in honing your problem-solving skills and abilities.

3.    Emotional
Emotional wellbeing concentrates mainly in making sure that you stay focused to your behavior, thoughts and feelings. This consists of both negative as well as positive reactions.

  • Find out an positive approach to your life and try to enjoy life as much as possible
  • Be ready to adjust to any kind of change and make sure that you express the emotions aptly
  • Convey your thoughts freely

The ones working towards a pathway of emotional well being can work to

  • Stay aware of their feelings and thoughts
  • Look for support to convey your emotions properly
  • Maintain a proper balance in your life by working on priorities
  • Learn ways to manage stress
  • Always keep an optimistic attitude

4.    Spiritual
Spiritual wellbeing includes exploring certain values and beliefs that bring a meaning or purpose to a person’s life. Whilst diverse individuals and groups have various beliefs and faith pertaining to spiritualism however, the hunt for the purpose of human existence is very essential in creating harmony with the humankind irrespective of type of spirituality.

On your way to a healthy life, you ought to:

  • Apply your beliefs to your decisions and actions
  • Indulge in meditation or prayer
  • Extract time for peaceful and relaxing time daily
  • Accept views of other people

5.    Social
Social well being refers to a person’s ability to cooperate with others and respect yourself as well as develop firm relationships and communication skills. This will allow one to form a good support system.

The ones with optimum social well being affirm that it is vital to:

  • Live in complete harmony with others and environment
  • Keep in mind the common well-being of community

The ones treading on healthy social well being have to work for,

  • Creating a nice balance between the environment and community
  • Developing inter-reliant healthy relationships whilst developing a healthy behavior

6.    Occupational
The knack to find solace between your work time and leisure whilst dealing with daily stress is vital for maintaining occupational health. Work consumes a great amount of time and thus, it is crucial to indulge in something that gives you a peace of mind.

For achieving occupational wellness, it is vital to:

  • Have manageable work pressure
  • Talk openly with your colleagues and employer
  • Enjoy your work as much as you can

7.    Environmental
Environmental factors can greatly influence a person’s feelings about his/her overall wellbeing. Thus, for optimum environmental well being, one should:

  • Live in peace with the environment
  • Bring out awareness about the planet’s vital resources
  • Take required action for protecting the environment
  • Change his/her habits to preserve the environment

As we know that life is a long mystery and these health attributes work in a combined manner to give it a meaning. Thus, a proper understanding about these health attributes and their roles in our life will help us all to lead to a happy and healthy life.