22 Ways To Avoid Eye Injuries

An eye is very important. This makes us see things; that’s what makes it one of the five senses of our body. Without it, a person would not be able to see the world as it is. Not only that, an eye is also a very sensitive area.
eye injury preventionIt is so sensitive that even a small dust particle can cause trouble to the eyes. This is the reason one needs to take proper care of it. Carelessness can give you an eye injuries or infections. After all, no one would like to get blind. Following are the ways through which you can prevent your eyes from any sort of injuries.

  • 1)    Always wear a safety glass if you’re working with nails, hammer or other similar dangerous tools.
  • 2)    Always make sure that you have a nice goggle to cover your eyes from the UV rays. Without it, your eyes may get infected from those harmful rays.
  • 3)    Make sure that your environment or place; where you live, is clean. Sometimes, these dusts can cause trouble to your eyes.
  • 4)    Don’t touch your eyes with the hand. Remember, our hands have dangerous germs which can infect the eye.
  • 5)    Also, make sure that you wash your hands, face and eyes with water once you came home from outside. Don’t use soap on your eyes.
  • 6)    Make sure that there is no sharp corner in the furniture and fixings in the home.
  • 7)    It is better to keep all the pesticides, paints and other hazardous chemical in a safe place.
  • 8)    Never look at the sun directly; especially during an eclipse.
  • 9)    Always wear a protective eye cover whenever you’re playing games as in baseball, hockey etc.
  • 10)    Make sure that you are wearing a mask if you’re welding something.
  • 11)    Always wear a seat beat while in the car. Use child seat belts for the kids.
  • 12)    Always wash your hands after working with chemicals.
  • 13)    Take frequent breaks to avoid strains in your eyes.
  • 14)    Use proper light in your office area so that there is no pressure in your eyes.
  • 15)    Keep your children away from fireworks and other hazardous materials.
  • 16)    Wear correctly prescribed glasses or contacts.
  • 17)    Whenever you are using power equipment, remember to use protective glasses.
  • 18)    It is always better to read and follow the direction when opening a bottle-top.
  • 19)    Make sure that there is the right amount of light and handrails at the staircase to avoid any kind of misfortune.
  • 20)    If your child is playing in a playground, make sure that he play safe and doesn’t harm him/herself.
  • 21)    If your work requires you to wear a protective glass, wear it.
  • 22)    Make sure that your child is not playing with any point headed toys. This may harm him/her while playing.

We do lots of activities in our daily life which can be harmful to our eyes, if we don’t pay attention to it. It is important that we are alert and take of our eyes properly. Any trouble with it and things may get worse. So, the above points would guide you through it.