The Good And The Bad Of Steroids

Steroids have got a bad reputation as it has more negative side effects than positive ones. Generally it makes the heart size big, causes hormonal problems and also mood disorders and acne. Though it has several negative sides, people continue using it. Thus, there must be some positive effects as well. But before using steroids make sure you are looking for both positive and negative sides.steroidsIn order to consider the positive effects we need to know the functioning of the steroids. Steroids can be natural and synthetic that regulates different functions in the body. The steroids referred here are anabolic steroids. These are the artificial and synthetic products that imitate the effects of androgenic and anabolic hormones like testosterone. These are available in market with the names ‘roids’ and ‘juice’. People making use of steroids are called as ‘juicing’.

These anabolic steroids are to be taken orally in the form tablets or in powder in form. People take generally through injections which is beneficial for the person taking it. Injections make mark on the forearms of the user indicting that he is a user of steroids. The person taking steroids will have high amount of testosterone in the body so that user will experience bad as well as good effects. Positive effects include increase in muscle mass, fat loss, endurance and tissue repair. Steroids give much exaggerated effects than workouts resulting into increased inches on biceps quickly.

Site location is also important in case on injections. Steroid injections are given directly into muscles if someone wants an enlargement of a particular muscle. The muscles that need enlargement are injected by steroids. People playing sports need a good physique and thus to improve the physical performance athletics use steroids. These are the major reasons why athletics make use of it. If steroids are taken in small amounts can be beneficial for the body. These are used to prevent swellings in organs such as kidneys. Muscular dystrophy can be treated with steroids. To increase the bone density people take steroids so as to improve the conditions of osteoporosis.

Also they are responsible for improving nitrogen balance of the body. Steroids are useful in treating hormonal replacement. Sexual dysfunctions are also treated with these injections. Both males and females have different steroid needs.

Similar to positive effects negative effects of steroids are enlisted below:

It is observed that men are more aggressive than females as they have more testosterone present in them. And use of steroids can make them even more aggressive. Taking steroids in some cases is beneficial but the people using them face difficulty in behaving with people due to uncontrolled feelings. Steroids also cause anxiety which reduces sleep and user may get irritated.

Steroids affect hormone level of the body and due to the imbalance in the levels user may get in depression. When higher doses are taken mood swings are observed. After making continue use of steroids people get addicted to it as they love to see themselves muscular and in shape. If they stop using steroids the size of their body decreases which make them lose self-confidence. Many people get5 dependent on them.

Steroids increase the water and sodium amount in the body which give the parts such as hands, legs and faces a bloated appearance. Excess water amount in the body is beneficial for connectives tissues but extra salts can lead to severe conditions and also can cause damage to kidney. Liver is strongly affected by the use of steroids. The job of liver is to remove the excess waste from the body through urine but due to intake of steroids unstable products attack liver in order to damage it. Kidney is also affected by the excess use of steroids.

Though steroids have both pros and cons but it is advisable to make not use of it. Instead go for natural supplements so that your body will get healthy state and you don’t have to suffer from such dangerous conditions.