The 7 Best Workouts for Any Age

Whenever we talk about fitness or healthy workout, exercise is never an exception. Workout at any age is preferable but the right type is an important aspect to take care of. For being fit it is very important to follow a proper diet regime followed by an appropriate exercise. It is never seen that people ask for the exercise suitable to their age group while joining the gym. This is not the correct approach towards fitness for the body. Like you have different exercises for different parts of your body, the same goes for the age.
workoutLike the age group of 20 to 40 can have a better metabolism, with age it goes on decreases and the strength of the bones and the muscles are affected resulting in weakness. Age also discriminates between the strength and the energy level of an aged person and a young person. In the early ages of life a person is adventurous and energetic, but with time they become less active and more prone to diseases. Due to the different functionalism and changes in the body, it is necessary for the body to experience the right kind of exercise.

Some of the best workouts for any age are listed below.


Yoga is one of the exercises that has only benefits and no loses at in return. Giving it a try will surely offer you something as it has something for everyone and all age groups. No matter what your age is, yoga gives you relief from stress, pain, anxiety and depression, flexibility and balance, better breathing and lung capacity, improvement in your heart heath.


Aerobics itself has a lot of different types of exercises that have different benefits of their own. Aerobics too is suitable for all ages. Some of the known benefits of aerobics are increased oxygen consumption by exercising, improvement in cardio vascular functioning, good blood supply, and good cholesterol level, controlled blood pressure, reduces body fat and controls weight.


Meditation plays and important role in restoring the body to be calm and relaxes your mind. It helps the body to relax itself and prevents new damage to your body keeping it safe. It shields you from the effects of chronic stress and deadly habits like smoking and alcoholism. It proves to be beneficial across all age groups.


Swimming is the best recreational as well as the effective exercise for everybody. Swimming conditions and lowers the blood pressure in the body. It improves your stamina and endurance since it is fit for all age groups.


Dancing is something which anybody would love to do. It has a sense of well-being, and reduces stress. It helps you stay in shape. It provides strength and flexibility to your body apart from having fun. It is suitable enough all the ages.


“Laughing is the best medicine” aren’t we all familiar to this phrase?  Laughter in a sense is a mini workout for your body. It boosts your immune system. It helps you improve your breathing and blood pressure. It protects your heart and ensures proper blood flow.


Stretching is important for all ages as with age your muscles tighten and the motion in your joints minimizes. It improves movements in the joints. It increases energy level resulting in good circulation in the body.

Exercising is essential for all age groups, but even more important is to choose and differ from what is the exact requirement for your body.