Men’s Health – Muscle Building Secret Revealed

It is important to study the human anatomy deeply to find out which ingredient will benefit which muscle. The important foods that make it to this list are eggs, olive oil, salmon, steak, almonds, yogurt, coffee and heaps of water.

muscle-buildingThere could be a possibility that vegetarians may not benefit from this article, but we have kept them into consideration and listed green leafy items too. Faithfully follow a healthy routine and let the following mentioned food items be an indispensable and inseparable part of your daily lifestyle.

It is not wrong to say that no single food holds the secret for bigger and stronger muscles. But protein is one nutrient that plays a vital role in its development. Meats and dairy products are foods that supply proteins. The general rule is to be able to consume about 20 g protein per serving around three times per day.

Whole Eggs

A myth that has been haunting eggs for over a lifetime is that eggs have been labeled as one of the major reasons for artery clogging. But further research and analysis shows that they are not linked. With clearing such doubts all over the world, this food item has returned as a healthy food. Adding to which it has also been termed good for muscle building. The yolk consists most nutrients, vitamins A/D and E and the good cholesterol to naturally raise your testosterone levels.


Fish in general is one of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids that provide you 20 g protein per 100 g serving. Tuna in general sets you up with more than 3 g of leucine, producing multiple muscular benefits. Fish oil helps in reducing inflammation and limit muscle soreness, which allows exercisers to workout longer and stronger. Fish proteins enhance the loss of abdominal fat. Therefore, on one side when you are building muscle you want to burn fat on the other hand, and this food helps you do that.

Lean Beef And Chicken

This is an ancient source one of the best muscle gaining foods. Beef contains a cocktail recipe of protein, packed with creatine, vitamin B and amino acids. It also consists a good mixture of saturated fat that helps supporting healthy testosterone levels. If chicken is more your pick, then this piece of fact might cheer you up, chicken is one of the best supplies of leucine. A mere 3 ounces of chicken breast will shoot your protein intake.


So here we have something in store for vegetarians. This mighty grain is packed with 8 g of protein per cup. And thus they help efficiently in growing muscles. You might also end up getting some carbs by the end of it all, but this isn’t a bad thing. The body needs energy to workout and carbohydrates supply that.


This green guy is a bean used in the preparation of immature soybeans in the pod. Mainly found in Japanese cuisines, this is a great source to help you jump-start muscle protein synthesis with 17 g of protein. Also packed with Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids in helping you nourish your brain and central nervous system.

Chickpeas And Legumes

Legumes and chickpeas are one of the key ingredients towards protein building. These are a great low-fat source of carbohydrates and make a great snack before a workout.

There are enumerable products on this list and this article may not be able to suffice their contribution. Flax seeds, nuts, vegetables, spinach and broccoli and dairy products are some of them. Try to keep it high on the protein and low on the fat.