How To Have An Elegant Inner Thigh

Most of the women who lead a sedentary lifestyle come across the problem of bulging out inner thighs which hurts their confidence if they try to pull off colored or light colored bottoms! And why only the garments, don’t the women want to show off the new 2 piece swim suit they just shopped for?

Shape inner thighsThe perfect beach wear in the perfect sunlight flaunting the epic toned legs and thighs is just the dream of any woman!

Time to trim on the excess flab bulging out from the lower counterpart dear women! Ever heard about the extended leg lift? It is as simple when you down to doing the exercise and can provide you magnificent results too. Just follow the simple steps!

  Lie down on any side while you support your neck with the hand.

•  Move your top leg forward so to let it rest on the floor while you keep the bottom leg extended.

•  Lift the top leg six inches off the ground, hold it for 5 seconds and lower it back down to the floor and repeat with the other leg as well.

The battet raise it is:

Begin by standing with one foot flat on the floor.

•  Stand up on a feet and place your opposite foot directly in front of the first one with your toes touching the floor.

  Slowly lift that foot as high as possible, keeping it both pointed and close to your leg.

•  Lower it back down to the starting position and repeat both sides and continue the same for 2 sets of 15 each.

Go in for the inner thigh press! And squeeze out the dramatic fat from there! Follow this one:

•  Lie down with your legs about two feet apart straight in the air.

•  Maintain your body at an angle of 45 degree.

•  Cross your arms and hold each leg just below the knee. Just there!

•  Exhale while you push your legs inward, simultaneously pressing them outward with your hands and hold on for 5 seconds.

Flex up your hip!

  Sit upright in your chair with your hands on the arm rests for support.

•  Bend one knee slightly and slowly lift your leg up towards your body so that your knee is extending towards the chest!

•  Lower it down and repeat.

Try the Inner Thigh Adduction

•  Place any object between your knees that can be squeezed.

  Sit up straight with your abs tucked in.

  Squeeze the object such as a towel or sweater with full force, hold for a few seconds, then release!

While you get your inner thighs work out on these exercises, make sure dear women that you even watch what you eat! Too much of fat and carbohydrates can get accumulated as fat tissues in the inner thighs and can cause you misery of wearing loose pants and no bikinis!