Helpful Breathing Exercise For Asthmatics

Asthma is a problem caused in the respiratory system. When the dust or any foreign particle enters the system and blocks the way of the air, the person would find it difficult to breathe. This problem, if not treated on time, then could even lead to the death of the person. Breathing Exercise For AsthmaticsAs we said, asthma is related to the respiratory system. It could happen due to the allergy or even those who don’t have a history of allergy can get it. For this, asthmatic patients are prescribed with certain medicines so that their respiratory system performs well. Apart from the medication, they can also follow some breathing exercise that could help them to be fit.

1.    Buteyko Method: This is the Russian technique which says that one should decrease both, the number and the volume of breath in each minute to control the breathing. It pays attention to relaxation and nasal breathing.

2.    Nose Breathing: It is recommended for the asthmatic people to breathe through the nose. Especially when you’re doing some activity which needs more breathing like running or exercising. Basically, breathing rate is controlled by the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood. Nose breathing helps you to control it by exhaling the amount which is necessary.

3.    Diaphragmatic Breathing: It is normally taught in the yoga classes. It teaches you to breathe through your lungs so that your lungs and respiratory muscles are strengthened. In this exercise, allow your abdominal muscles to expand so that your lungs can fully expand.

4.    Chair Exercise: This is another easy way to improve your breathing processing. Sit on the floor and allow your head, arm and chest to rest on the seat of a chair. As you inhale, fall back on your head and you exhale, allow your head to fall forward. Do it for five times and you will feel good.

Asthma can be a real trouble. And if it is not treated within a time, it can be threatening to your life. Following this exercise can help you to improve your respiratory system and then you can at least face asthma. It is important that you breathe through nose. If you are having an attack then have deep and slow breathing through nose. Mouth breathing would make the situation worse.