Enhance Your Overall Fitness Through Sports

Games support you in increasing your agility and speed, further enhancing your heart rate and lung capacity. As mentioned earlier, any age is good enough, even post 50. Playing a sport like golf at that age does not involve jumping around or running, but it helps you get more exercise, since you walk so many miles when you are involved in it.


Some activities help you shape up and stay healthy at an entertained yet low cost rate. If losing weight, improving your fitness and toning those muscles is your goal, read through the following article to know which sport will help you achieve your objective.


Tennis participators playing the game for three hours per week cut half the risk involved in death from any natural cause. Moderately vigorous intensity in the game helps you boost your optimism and self esteem. Anxiety, anger and depression take a back seat. Since tennis requires alertness and tact, new connections form between nerve cells in the brain.Competitive tennis burns more calories as compared to aerobics and cycling.


One of he most popular sports played and viewed in the world is basketball. This game involves a lot of speeding and stopping that leads you to burn calories, build endurance, improve your balance and co-ordination, form muscles and develop concentration. Since it is a team sport, it also allows you to learn the benefits of working in a team. Whether winter or summer, stay indoors and play this sport to get a good grip over life.


A number of benefits are associated with this one. Swimming is the best cardiovascular fitness regime available to mankind because swimming helps you work your entire body. The major muscle groups also go through an exhaustive exercise. Improve your posture, stability and flexibility easily through consistent swimming. Any one with a physical injury can get back to regaining physical and mental strength, since swimming does not punish your joints, bones and ligaments.


Burn 500 calories with just a 40-minute bike ride. Again the weather cannot be held responsible, since indoor cycling is readily available at health portals. This sport is most effective if your goal is to reduce weight. It works on the inner thigh fats, which are otherwise untouched and remain unaffected. Biking also helps you tone your back muscles while getting rid of your love handles. Improve your cardiovascular fitness and cut down your risk of any heart ailment through biking. If you are a knee patient, this sport is ideal for you.


Lower your risk to premature death by 23 percent through this sport. Playing this game for 30 minutes a day reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol instead. The good news due to this is a substantial decline in heart attacks, strokes and obesity. Individuals that are affected by hypertension can benefit most with this sport.

Soccer or Football

Weight loss is the logical consequence of this game. Unlike cricket or baseball, where you have the opportunity to catch up on your breath, this sport is all about constant action. This is the best game to get all your reflexes in line, reduce weight, build your stamina and get competitive.

Sports helps you live longer, feel energetic, manage your weight, build stronger bones and muscles and lead a confident and happy life.