Calf Exercises For Chiselling Men’s Calves

Whenever we walk we make use of our calf muscles. This makes them the most important and used muscle in our entire body. It is a tough task to develop these muscles with exercise. When building a body the one thing which tops the priority list of men is developing the calf muscles.

calf-exerciseThe calf muscles form the upper portion of our lower leg. It is placed just below our knees. The calf muscles are basically made of two muscles namely Soleus and Gastrocnemius. The muscle which is noticeable from the exterior of our body is called as the Gastrocnemius. It starts from somewhere behind our knee and finally ends at our Achilles tendon.

On the other hand the muscle which goes deep in our body and is not visible externally is called the soleus muscle. This muscle is placed under the gastrocnemius. These two muscles work in collaboration to elevate the healing both when the leg is straight and the knee is bent. The calf muscles need to be specifically targeted upon to get stupendous results. Some of the most effective calf exercises are listed below which will help you in getting your desired goal of perfect calves. These exercises complement your routine workout and hence help you to maintain your health. Some of these make us of the weights while others make use of the natural human potential and resistance.

Exercise 1: Seated Calf Raises

This particular exercise is very important if you want perfectly developed calves. The seated calf exercise targets aims at developing the lower muscles of our calves. It basically targets the Soleus. For doing the exercise sit down folding your thighs. Then place the machine pads on your thighs. Drop your heel depending upon your flexibility. Squeeze the muscles when you rise. Repeat the procedure at least 15-20 times.

Exercise 2: Standing Calf Raises

A calf block or a dedicated machine is the pre requisites for this exercise. Your current workout routine and calf mass determines the frequency of this exercise. For doing this exercise this exercise the balls of the feet should be placed on the calf block. In the starting your heels should be placed low. This will lead to your calf muscles getting stretched. Slowly start raising your body on the balls of the feet. This process will lead to contraction of the calf muscles. Hold this position for some time and then slowly come down.

Exercise 3: Box Jumps

If you want to pump in some extra ordinary strength in your legs then this is the exercise for you. It is a functional exercise which has been designed to give the calf muscles far more strength and power. This exercise magically solves the problem of reaction and retraction of our body.

Exercise 4: Leg Press Calf Raises

This is a tried and tested exercise for developing the calf muscles. This exercise is famously known as the donkey raise. This exercise requires a leg press machine. For doing the exercise one needs to sit on the machine and hold the sled of the machine with the help of your toes and the balls of your feet.