13 Best Ways To Beat The Exercise Excuses

Has it ever happened that people ask you to exercise you simply say, ‘I don’t get time’ or ‘I tried it in past but it didn’t work out for me’ or ‘Gym membership fees are going way beyond my budget and I can afford it?’ These are only few there are many excuses one can make and actually we do.

exercise excusesYou should understand that being in shape and good health is the priority. With this you can not only live a happy life but then also can live for longer time. Some way or the other, we do make excuses and avoid ourselves from visiting a gym and working out.

We don’t give you any reasons to join a gym but would guide you on how can you beat those excuses and workout in your daily life easily.

I Don’t Know What Exercises To Do:

This is among the most used excuses. We often use this when someone says that we can workout at home and we don’t have to visit gym at all to be fit. And here we are, ready with this excuse. On the contrary to the excuse, we would say that there are various exercises which one can actually do at home. There is nothing much hardship or trouble needed in such things. A simple pushups or crunches can fulfill the need. And to guide you, there are lots of videos, article, books and even online personal trainers are available. All you have to do is log on to those websites and follow the instructions.

I’m Tired:

This is again one of the ways to avoid exercising. But, are you aware that if you’re feeling tired and you do work out a little you would actually feel fresher. Yes, exercise is the best option, then taking a nap, to revive the energy level. So, whenever you would be using this excuse to avoid exercise, think again.

I’ve A Tight Schedule And Don’t Have Time To Do It:

Come on, who can’t make out time for oneself. And, let’s consider that you actually have a very tight schedule and spend most of your time in just work, then here is the solution for you. You don’t have to take out extra time to be fit or healthy, but in fact, you could involve exercising in your daily routine so that you can be fit and can work at the same time. Wondering how? Well, it is easy. All you have to do is take staircase instead of the elevator, walk few blocks than taking a taxi and other similar daily activities can help you a lot. So, don’t negotiate with your health.

I’m Too Fat To Exercise:

Really? Is that stopping you from exercise? Well, reconsider your statement. Exercise can help you lose weight and stay fit. Until and unless your physician has asked you not to do it, it is understood. But apart from it, you should do it so that at least you can shape your body and make your health fit and fine.

I Don’t Like Exercising:

No one really does, initially. But then the choice is yours. Either you want to have less pain and get gain for a life time by staying fit or don’t want to pain your body and get a lifetime trouble. Initially, you would get less muscle pain and would find it troubling to be consistent in it but then you’ve to keep one thing in mind that exercising today will give you a healthy body in future. So, start doing it.

I’m Old Enough To Start It:

This is too cliché. No one is old enough to start the workout. There is not a particular age group to start it and if you’ve crossed it you can’t start it. It is for the body. The sooner you will start the better result you would get. That’s only what matters. Exercise may also help you to lock your age and may also work as a wonder in your health and can make you look younger. So, don’t give this excuse that you’re too old. No one is old to start care their own body.

I Can’t Look Like A Celebrity, So Why To Bother?

You exercise for yourself. You do it to keep your body in shape. If you think that by exercising you can be like a celebrity, then may be and may not be. But the main point to consider is that without exercising, you can certainly not get into a good shape. And moreover, you have to work out to stay fit and healthy and not to look like someone else. Exercise for yourself and not to be like someone.

I’m Sore From Yesterday’s Workout:

It is always advised that you should start your workout routine with light exercises. As, we don’t have a habit of exercising daily, our muscles are stiff. And this stiffness will go with time. So, never directly jump into a long session of workout and strain your muscles. It is better that you begin with light exercises and open up the stiffness gradually. Once you feel that your muscles are opening up then gradually increase the session and take it further. Keep this in mind and avoid over work.

I’m Not In A Mood:

If this is what you say to avoid exercises then let us tell you that a good exercise can actually boost your mood. It is important for you to know that when you exercise, the blood circulation increases and then you feel fresher. The freshness will bring in good and positive energy in you and you would feel good. So, whenever you’re in a bad mood, exercise a little to freshen up.

I Don’t The Result:

It can’t happen that you workout and there is no result. Firstly, give it some time. Exercise will start showing its effect with time. So, don’t expect to see the result the sooner you start working out. And secondly, see the results in a right place. It is important that you measure your waist, your weight and compare yourself with old photographs of yours and see the difference. These results would motivate you to exercise more and be in shape.

I’m Bored Of The Same Old Workouts:

Well, then for you there are various ways to exercise. There is kickboxing, aerobics and lots more. With time, there has been an evolution in the style of working out. It is important that you understand it and work our accordingly. You can follow any method you want. This way, you won’t be bored and you can stay fit.

I Can’t Afford A Gym Membership:

This might happen that sometimes the gym membership is beyond your budget. In such cases, enquire about the discounts or other privileges that you can get. Something might suit your budget and then you can join them. They may have membership for certain exercise techniques like aerobics. Opt for it if it suits your budget.

I Just Can’t Get The Proper Motivation:

Exercise or gym is not your evil. It is something that would help you fight the evil, which is disease. So, if you really want to stay fit and beat diseases then you should exercise. No one would come and motivate you but then desire to stay fit and healthy can be your motivation. Make sure that your desire level is strong to that you can overcome the initial trouble of exercising. Once you are in the flow, you would not like to miss it.

Above where few normal excuses that we give to avoid exercise. Make sure that you never allow anything to come in between you and your good health. Being fit means staying disease free. So, if you want to a life full of energy and happiness, then do the exercise.