Disease That Earlier Affect Men’s Health

Disease that earlier affect men's healthToday’s fast forward time where everybody is running for time and money thus compare of women men seems to be much avoiding their various health issues which ultimately invites to get infected with certain types of major disease earlier before time as well.

Many males who at initial stage notice some minor yet curable symptoms of any disease intentionally or unintentionally avoid such factors that with time grows up and gives rise to add life into risk. Thus, it is also said that men are scare then women to diagnose any such medical treatments.

Apart from everything above here are list of disease, which are likely to affect men’s health earlier. So do take care yourself as it universally said precaution is better than cure.try know this men’s health issues as much as you can with best curable solution.

Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer is disease found in men. It affects the gland called prostate in male reproductive system. At initial stage prostate cancer usually shows no signs but if you doubt about it can identify it through blood test where it indicates PSA high. PSA is prostate-specific antigen that helps to semen in normal liquid form but in some cases if the PSA enters into blood the level of its rises. The rise in PSA is first indication you could get prostate cancer or any other prostate gland problem. Prostate cancer is sometimes states as adenocarcinoma. This patient finds hard to urinate or even painful. It affects the men above age of 45 to 50.

Ankylosing Spondylitis
Ankylosing spondylitis is a very painful disease that comes in anybody’s life as a nightmare. Thus, it occurs in both males and females but the major figure found in males. It affects the spinal bones and joint between spines. It is hard to believe but ankylosing spondylitis occurs at much earlier young stage of life since from between 20 to 40 or also sometimes even before age of 10. The problem takes places cause of various factors such as lack of exercise, genetically yes ankylosing can come in your life if it had been affected previously any blood relation member. Hence, it is lifetime disease for time being not curable yet pain can be decrease with exercise, diet and proper medical attention.

Diabetes II
Today half of the world is affected with disease called Diabetes II. Diabetes 1 is curable can be controlled inhale digestion of sugar but dealing with part 2 is not that too easy. Here the glucose instead of supporting the body cells mix with blood thus the cells are not able to perform in natural way. Person cannot use the insulin efficiently. The disease though is not painful but the other health problems that take place because of diabetes 2 are silent dangerous thus, treatment is painful. Sometime the treatment includes daily bases insulin injection as depended upon the sugar level. The other problems which diabetes 2 calls for are heart attack or cardiac attack.  Unlike other normal heart patient, diabetes heart patient doesn’t feel same symptoms like chest pain or sweating. They get stroke symptoms in very normal forms as cough, hiccups etc and at the end, unexpectedly collapse person’s health might be at death. Regular sugar checkups is treat to control diabetes.