10 Reasons for a Man’s Unsuccessful Marriage

Remember the day when your ‘to be wife’ walked down the aisle to hold your hand forever for the life? Where are those days now? Is it lost somewhere? Is it becoming difficult to manage the marriage crisis? Are you still unsure of the real reason for it? Below are the top 10 reasons why marriages usually fail.

10 Reasons for a Man's Unsuccessful Marriage

Substance Abuse and Addiction

Men may give into the addiction of alcohol. This may create problems in marriage. Your wife may doesn’t take too kindly to it. Moreover, overconsumption of alcohol and habitual overdrinking can make a man more aggressive and numb his senses. In this state, he may try to hurt the wife and even physically abuse her.

This may spoil the relationship and the love may disappear eventually. You may have to see a therapist and visit a rehabilitation center to deal with the substance abuse. The same may occur with people who are into illegal medication abuse.

Mental Disease

There may be times when the destiny may be not your side. Men may suddenly find themselves in the jeopardy of the strangeness in life. Mental diseases are one of the major causes of marriages going down the hill. People may face illnesses like Alzheimer’s diseases or schizophrenia. This may disrupt their personal life.

Not every partner is able to deal with this situation throughout their life and be in the tangles of this kind of marriage. Epilepsy or even brain paralysis can lead to separation. They may then seek divorce.


Infertility in men can even rage havoc in marriage. If a man is incapable of making the wife pregnant the childless couple may become wary of each other as time goes by. People may simply not want to stay together, if they cannot have a baby together. There may be many reasons for infertility. Unhygienic lifestyle and lack of some nutrients may make this happen.

It is necessary to address this issue before it is too late. You may contact a physician and try to get a diet plan chart to fulfill the nutrient requirement. If there is an abnormality in the sperms, the factors to it should be brought to light and a treatment should be sought.

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction in men can range in many types. Apart from the above problem of infertility, there may be something wrong with the man’s sexual organ also. A man may not be able to gain an erection and this may leave the wife unsatisfied on the bed. She may not be able to get any gratification of the love life need.

Even premature ejaculation and flaccidness of the male’s reproductive organ can lead to problems in the relationship. Infections in the region or a urinal tract infection may put off the wife and make her take the decision of divorce.

Stress, Depression and Conflicts

Stress in the marriage can be due to infidelity or even some differences between the couples. The causes may be both physical and mental. Work pressure or the unnecessary interference of the in-laws can also add fuel to the fire. The couple may not be able to cope up with this and the marriage may break down because of this.

Conflicts and constant fights are these days one of the major factors for a broken marriage. You may have to visit a counselor together and try to sort out the issues and prevent these unfortunate incidences from escalating.

Chronic Diseases

Besides the sexual conditions, mental illnesses and infertility, there may be other diseases also that may disturb your marriage. Cardiovascular, kidney and liver diseases may also be the chief factor in this. Men with reckless lifestyle may succumb to these. There may be other reasons also like paralysis and even skin infection or disability because of accidents that can invite such a dilemma.

All this can discourage the wife to stay with you and divorce may be on the cards. You should get a proper treatment done and not avoid this. Such steps can save your marriage from falling apart.

Financial Crisis

Bankruptcy or loss of a job can lead to the marriage go through a rough phase. A man may even have to pay up his debts or take a heavy loan that will eat up the life’s earnings. This may actually be responsible for a broken relationship. The wife may not be ready to stay with the husband through this situation and want a divorce.

Money problems can also bring on stress, substance abuse, depression and conflicts in relationships. So it becomes a vicious cycle of dangers that keeps on going until separation does the man and the woman apart.

Communication Barrier or Gap

Most of the times, the couple may fight over an issue and not sit together to resolve it. This may just prove to be bad in the long run. Misunderstandings and spurt of anger can leave the man and woman distant from each other. It can therefore encourage infidelity and make the matter even worse. The best way to counter fights and latter stress is to talk calmly about the dilemma and find a solution to it.

If there is a third person trying to butt in, deal with it wisely. Let your wife know how you feel about it and arrive to a conclusion without inciting any fights. This can prove to be beneficial to the relationship.

Peer and Family Pressure

Sometimes a college life love may turn into marriage because of the peer pressure. Family relatives may want you to marry this big shot or the girl whom you do not even love. At first, you may think that it will work out. But later you may realize that it has been a mistake. If you still feel that the relationship can work out, please take necessary steps to build the love.

Otherwise, there will be chances that the marriage will become stale with no love in it. Even if you have children, the tension between the partners may be quite visible.

Career Difference and Rushing into Marriage

One of the common mistakes that men make is to rush into a marriage. You should spend time with your partner and know her more. Not all the times, what seems like fruit turns out to be sweet. Maybe you are not compatible with her. Even career differences can later cause issues in the relationship.

So, it is better to assess these points before getting into marriage. This will help you from the emotional stress and also the possibility of divorce.