Women Can Go Wild With Lovegra

For all those who don’t know what Lovegra is, Lovegra is a drug approved by FDA which helps to cure sexual dysfunction in women.  Sexual dysfunction is caused in women due to dryness in their vagina. Women do not feel any sexual urge or desire if their vagina is dry and not wet.

Reveal her wild side with lovegraLovegra works by providing wetness to vagina and making females capable of completing and enjoying their sexual activity. Sildenafil citrate is an important component of Lovegra that helps to boost sexual urges in women. The medicine is taken orally and helps women to easily get into a playful sexual mood.

Sexual dysfunction is a serious medical condition in women which makes their sexual life dull and boring with their partner. Thus by taking Lovegra they are able to revive their sexual desires. Like Viagra is for men, Lovegra is for women.  With the intake of this drug even a slightest touch can arouse a woman and give her a sexual urge. It even allows them to enjoy multiple orgasms. The drug is manufactured by Ajanta pharmaceutical. It is the first drug which has been manufactured specially for the reproductive health disorder in females. It enhances the blood flow in sexual organ of women. But one should keep in mind that Lovegra is only a temporary treatment to cure insensitivity and not a permanent one.

Lovegra helps to cure the problem of poor libido in females. It helps to attain sexual satisfaction in women by working more on the psychological level. The drug needs to be consumed orally with water with in a recommended dosage of 100 mg.  It is advisable to have proper doctor consent before consuming this drug. The drug is recommended to be taken before 40 minutes to 1 hour prior to making love. The pill should be taken as a whole and should not be chewed, broken in to pieces or crushed as this may lead to severe negative effects. It lasts for 4-5 hours after consumption. It should be taken with an empty stomach or a light meal for faster results.

Lovegra like any other medication also leads to some side effects but they are mild side effects and lasts only for few hours. Upset stomach, headache and facial flushing are some of the most common side effects but over dosage may lead to some severe side effects like sensitivity to life, temporary bluish vision and blurred vision to name a few. It has been tried and tested that consumption of Lovegra does not lead to its addiction. The drug is very safe and dependable. But females taking nitrates or suffering from chest pains should avoid taking the tablet as it may lead to a sudden and unsafe drop in blood pressure level.

Female Viagra Lovegra works as a wonder solution for millions of those women having sexual dysfunction and a sexless boring life. It rejuvenates them by making them more sexually active. So forget all your worries and tension and feel all confident in bed. Order Lovegra now to have a exciting and unforgettable experience in bed.