Why To Avoid Smoking When Pregnant?

Conceiving for any women is the happiest moment of all in her life. And why wouldn’t she be, when she herself is going to give birth to a part of her. While in such a case smoking and pregnancy is not a healthy match for either of them.

avoid smoking when pregnantWhen smoking has such hazardous effects on a normal human being which can lead to cancer, imagine the kind of problems that the little life inside her has to go through. Passive smoking is also harmful for the mother and the baby.

While pregnant a women has to take care of herself the most along with the baby for its good health as it directly has an impact of the foetus. Whatever is consumed by the mother is the food for the baby. So even when the mother smokes, it has a direct impact on the foetus (baby). So it is very important for a pregnant woman to quit smoking for the better health of the foetus she holds in her.

Smoking causes hypertension which is unsafe for the normal growth of the baby. Because of the exposure to nicotine and the harmful toxins the growth of the baby can be stunt. Smoking also causes pre mature delivery that can lead to the death of the foetus. While the women continue to smoke in pregnancy, she loses a lot of weight which decreases the chances of the baby to be born normally. Miscarriage is also very likely to take place by the effects of smoking and its harmful contents. In majority of the cases the child is born abnormal due to smoking. In many cases the foetus dies inside the womb itself due to smoke toxins.

It is likely to happen that the mother is unable to give up on smoking easily, but there are many ways to quit smoking like chewing gums, prescribed medicines

and many others. In the case of smoking not only is the baby’s life on risk but the mothers too. Smoking damages the normal functioning of the brain, heart and the lungs of the child. Smoking can also lead to the infertility of the women and the risk of respiratory infections. It has also been seen that the child whose mothers smoked while pregnant have small stature and difficulties in learning lifelong. While the mother is smoking the child suffers from breathing problems inside. It is very essential, for pregnant women to quit smoking so as to let her baby be born healthy enough to lead a normal life.

Every second women you meet today is addicted to smoke, either by stress or by the means of the society. Despite the fact that every pack of the cigarette has a warning impression on it, nobody matters to take that into consideration. Even if the pregnant woman inhales the smoke that is exhaled by the family member or near ones has an enormous effect of the baby. Giving up on smoking is not such a big task for any women, it just needs a strong will power and mind set to leave the habit of smoking that will have a dangerous impact on the new born whose is yet to see the world. Am sure that the heath of her baby for any women will be the foremost important thing and they surely will give up on smoking while pregnant as you have much valid options too.