Understanding Causes Behind Female Infertility

Female-InfertilityWomen become infertile due to many reasons. Let’s discuss them in details.

Causes Behind Female Infertility

Hormonal Problems

Failure In Maturing Eggs

  • Eggs cannot mature properly if ovaries do not produce proper follicle. Thus they fail to ovulate. It is seen that almost 50% of the cases fall under this category.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome- in this disease the production of FollicleStimulating Hormone reduces and increases Luteinizing Hormone, oestrogen and testosterone. This results in infertility and causes breast cancer due increased level of oestrogen.

Hypothalamus Malfunction

It is the hypothalamus, a portion of brain, which sends signal to the pituitary gland to form FSH and LH that helps in maturing eggs. If hypothalamus fails to send signal then eggs will not mature. 20 % of the cases are said to have this problem.

Problem In Pituitary Gland

It is the primary work of pituitary gland to send signals to the ovaries and produce FSH and LH which helps in ovulation. If there is any malfunction in the pituitary gland then there would be no ovulation.

Damaged Ovaries

Multiple surgeries or cyst in ovaries can damage the ovaries which hinder reproduction and as a result one can face infertility. Infections due to surgeries can also damage the ovaries.

Early Menopause

Onset of early menopause can make any female infertile because we all know that it is important to have menstrual cycle for the ovulation. The phase after the menstrual cycle stops is said to be menopause. It can cause due to unhealthy living standards or some genetic reasons.

Problems With Follicle
If the follicles do not get ruptured during ovulation, the eggs remain inside and thus ovulation does not occur properly. It is now termed as “unruptured follicle syndrome”.

Problems With Fallopian Tube
Almost 25 % of the women suffer from infertility due to problems in fallopian tube. There are many reasons why fallopian tube can get damaged. They are:-

  • Infection
  • Due to unprotected sex, a woman develops sexually transmitted disease. The entry of the virus and the bacteria due to STD damages the fallopian tube.
  • Disease In Abdomen
  • Diseases like appendicitis and colitis causes the inflammation of abdominal cavity. As a result it blocks the fallopian tube and often damages it.
  • Ectopic Pregnancy
  • It is a life threatening condition where the pregnancy occurs in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. Following the pregnancy it can damage the fallopian tube severely.
  • Earlier Surgeries
  • Often surgeries in the abdomen or pelvis alter the tubes and thus create problems for the ovaries to travel in the tube.

Food Habits And Exercise
Foods that we intake affects our whole body including the reproductive system. Too much smoking or drinking can make a person infertile and increases the risk of miscarriage, low weight babies etc.

Lack of exercise affects the body as overweight or underweight mothers have difficulty to conceive. So it is highly recommended to keep in check the food consumed and exercise in order to avoid sterility.