The Way To Exercise Properly And Securely During Pregnancy

It is widely known that weight gain is amongst the most common factors experienced by people during pregnancy. Almost all women who are not too concerned about their weight gain extra pounds during pregnancy which may persist even after that.


Hence, it is wise to control increasing weight rather than struggling to reduce it after pregnancy. This can be done with proper exercises. For your information, exercise is an important part of pregnancy.

Safe Exercises : It is essential to choose the right kind of exercises for your pregnancy. You should pay attention towards the safety during exercising. It is important to understand that during pregnancy your body changes and you will not be able to do those exercises which you once used to do.  Exercising during pregnancy may cause you to get tired faster and sweat more than usual workout sessions. If you try harder exercises you may perhaps harm yourself and your unborn child. Hence, here are some suitably exercise tips that can help you have a healthy pregnancy.

Go Gradual :  Even if you have been a successful athlete before pregnancy you need to start exercising gradually as this body state is different from the earlier one. Perform just a few minutes of exercise a day then gradually increase the time of your exercise day by day. You should not exercise for over 30 minutes a day.

Do Not Overdo :  Understand that pregnancy is a sensitive period you should not try to have intense exercises as if you are preparing for Olympic. Do focus your personal goals of shedding surplus weight here. Ask your doctor what is a healthy weight for you during pregnancy and try to maintain that. Ensure that you do low intensity exercise or moderate exercise. Strictly avoid tough exercises. As mentioned above, perform all the exercises in a time span of 30 minutes.

Stay Cool :  Overheating the body during pregnancy is not wise. Ensure that you body does not become too warm as it may lead to development issues associated with the fetus, especially during the first trimester. Hence, exercise in cool weather and wear light clothes.

Maintain Hydration :  Since exercising can reduce your body liquid it is essential to supply your body with the required amount of fluid to maintain hydration during pregnancy. Consume considerable amount of water if you are exercising during pregnancy even if you are not thirsty.

Here Are Some Exercises That You Should Avoid During Pregnancy :

  • High intensity exercises such as running, cycling or intense aerobics
  • Strictly avoid contact sports such as football, ice hockey etc.
  • Avoid playing racket
  • Any activity that may cause injury at the stomach
  • Outdoor cycling, rollerblading, horse riding and other activities that can make you feel
  • Scuba diving, which can cause pressure on your organ as well as the baby

In general it is wise to avoid almost all sports and indulge in low intensity home based exercises. It is better if you can take up yoga which is performed by most pregnant women throughout the world.