The Way To Avoid Menopausal Bone Loss

You might have heard that women undergoing menopause are prone to bone loss. It is studied that bones naturally break down and rebuild their selves daily.  However, when woman reaches her 30 the bone building process is more active than bone breakdown process.menopausel-bone-lossFor many years, experts assumed that estrogen is the only factor that may cause bone loss in menopausal woman. However, it is now believed that bone loss during menopause take place due to a combination of factor. Here are some effective ways to deal with the condition.

Nutritional Significances:

There are at least around 20 chief nutrients which are essential to maintain a good bone health. You should have a well balanced diet which should include vegetables, fruits, whole grain, lean proteins, nuts as well as seeds, etc. These will help in supplying nutrients to your body and bone and support the acid alkaline balance. It is recorded that many United States women suffer from severe low grade metabolic acidosis due to improper diet. There are certain foods such as soda, excess sugar, refined grains and animal protein may cause the pH in the tissues and blood to turn slightly more acidic. However, since there is no perfect diet for all women as their physical traits varies considerably, they are suggested to meet their doctor and take testosterone supplements.

Prevent Loss And Build Muscles Mass:

Similar to bone mass we should also focus on muscle mass as these also gets affected due to aging. Regularly exercising with appropriate diet will help in having proper muscle mass which may support the bones. However, it is also known that exercising helps in strengthening the muscle a well as maintains its health. By simply performing aerobics for half an hour daily or by doing Pilates exercise you can ensure that your bones remain healthy.

Maintain Hormonal Balance:

Experts have also assumed that the chief reason for bone loss during and after menopause is a lack of estrogen level. This is again a contributing factor as estrogen really plays an important role in maintaining bone health. It has the potential to preserve the calcium in your body. It can also prevent the breakdown of bone by restricting parathyroid hormone. During menopause there is a drastic fluctuation in hormonal balance and too much hormones are lost. Hence, bone loss is prominent after menopause.

Women can try to maintain their body’s hormonal balance naturally by consuming suitable diet. However, to ensure that your body is receiving the required nutrients it is better to opt for hormonal supplements. But there are some drawbacks in undergoing hormone replacement therapy; hence consult your doctor and undergo treatment accordingly. By following these methods you can reduce bone loss and maintain its health.