Prevention And Benefits Of Birth Control

Birth control is the practice of controlling or preventing unwanted pregnancy, with use of various methods of contraception, it includes both natural and medical contraception. It is also considered as part of family planning. The birth control step is majorly is taken by women than men.

Birth Control

Hence, the reason of this is also women have more choices in consideration of birth control than of man. The more the choices the more precautionary measures should be known, while using different types of available contraception.

There are several of birth controls followed by couples or individually by women:

  • Hormonal methods- birth is controlled through consumption of pills
  • Intrauterine devices (IUDs)- It inserted into the uterus, available in two options: copper IUD and hormonal IUD
  • Barrier methods- Use of condoms but doesn’t ensure that much protection against birth control
  • Natural family planning- Awareness regarding birth control with concern between two partners
  • Permanent birth control- Permanently sterilizing to give birth
  • Emergency contraception- It is a method used when a condom breaks or any other contraception fails. It works as a backup to prevent pregnancy.

Benefits of Birth Control

Today there is a huge need of birth control in major countries and some parts of society to follow the exact meaning of family planning. The exhibit of the child in a life is a fantastic gift of nature but the lady who presents it should also have to stay healthier. Following birth control method in a principal way leads her to enjoy the most pleasing benefits and to have a healthy family lifestyle.

Awareness and following is much seen in busy women. Maintaining birth control methods helps them gain satisfactory goal in career and able to form a secure shelter for future kid’s lifestyle. They do not go through any surgical treatment or require to spare extra time from busy schedule if birth control practice is followed methodically.

Apart from benefiting busy women, birth controls are also benefiting women with unhealthy conditions or those who decide on a healthy gap between two children. Essential gap between two children also endorses worthy family planning.

Prevention That Helps In Birth Control

  • Condoms– Birth control can be prevented by adopting healthy natural and medical contraception. In use of contraception for birth control, one that firstly at the mind is condoms. Condoms are also granted best way to prevent sexual transmitted disease, but it is also the fact that condoms don’t ensure full protection against birth control.
  • Diaphragm -Diaphragm is a temporary method of birth control that last up-to 24 hours only. It is placed between the vagina, stopping sperm to enter uterus just before you have an intercourse. The diaphragm is inserted to help of a doctor, but own side should check it hasn’t broken any holes.
  • Contraceptive Pills– Contraceptive pill either is consumed on a daily basis or is consumed after a sexual intercourse. If the pill is recommended to consume after every intercourse, should be taken within 48 hours. However, in case if within 48 hours sperm enters uterus there are possible chances you to get pregnant.  The daily basis contraceptive pill results also fail, due to various reasons, as many women tend to forget to consume them regularly.
  • Hormone Patch And Ring– Hormone patch or ring both are method of hormonal to prevent birth control. It gives maximum protection against getting pregnant. It is small in size and flexibility, fixed in vagina. It is placed for 3 weeks, per patch on per week whereas on 4 weeks you will have regular menstrual periods. It almost gives one-month protection for birth control.
  • Hormone Shots Hormone Shots is kind of injection given by a doctor on arms. It prevents pregnancy for maximum three months at one time. It is just one time administration and injection pain but gives you three months protection for birth control.