Measures To Prevent Breast Cancer

Not all diseases can be cured, but surely some diseases can be prevented by following healthy measures in life. Today we hear lots about breast cancer and raising deaths in women.

Breast Cancer

All this happens due to lack of awareness and hence women are not able to take primary measures to prevent breast cancer.  Every woman should be aware about breast cancer thus, should also make other women aware about it.

They way her lifestyle is, pregnancy phase, her diet, weight, almost everything is responsible in happening or preventing breast cancer. Recent studies have come forward and stated that proper body weight and an oily fish food prevents breast cancer. Further, we are going to see steps in prevention of breast cancer and try to remove its root cause.

  • Regular Screening : A lady after growing proper developed breast should start going for breast screen tests.  This will help her to diagnose chances of breast cancer, if there are any so. If there are any symptoms and signs of cancer, you can readably overcome it before the tumor spreads.
  • Give More Breast Feeding : Busy moms tend to stop their breastfeeding sooner, as they are needed to accomplish their professional life task. Whereas, studies say, women who continue her breastfeeding have lesser chances of breast cancer. Breastfeeding temporarily decreases a woman’s excess estrogen levels, which is one of cause for developing a cancer tumor. It’s also thought that breastfeeding leads to the breasts to go through particular physical modifications that safeguard them towards cancer-causing chemicals.
  • Control Your Weight : Obesity increase the possibility of breast cancer. Women should also control her body mass index (BMI), as being overweight BMI is one of reason for cancer. The normal BMI for women is 18.5 – 24.9. Every woman should control on the intake of calories she consumes every day. Hence, even if she consumes high calories should able to burn it relevantly. Control weight by doing regular basis exercise.
  • Avoid Intake Of Alcohol : Breast cancer happens to most women who have menopause and continue drinking alcohol. Drinking excessive alcohol or addicted to consumptions like a cigarette, drugs, etc., adds them to risk of cancer. It increases the risk of estrogen and progesterone hormone receptor positive. Drinking or smoking not just lead to breast cancer, but also encourages other cancer such as mouth cancer, liver cancer, etc.
  • Wear Proper Bra : Wearing the wrong bra is one of the factor towards breast cancer. Women should not wear black inner, especially in summers. Thus, women should also not wear wrong or too tightening size inner as it exhausts your breast to develop in a natural way and breathe. Avoid fancy bras that inbuilt with tiny metal rods into it.