Love Making Tips: Top 7 Erogenous Zones Of A Woman

Men definitely know the weak points or rather the most sensitive points in a woman’s body, which when played along with, can give a satisfactory time to the couple in their love making episode. Erogenous zones in a woman are those sensitive spots in a females body which when licked or squeezed can generate a skyrocketing sexual arousal and also infinite orgasm may be released by women. These are the target spots for men, when they want to have a sexual intercourse. Usually started off with striking these positions in foreplay, they are continuously active in the ultimate sexual intercourse.
LOVE MAKINGThe most important zone that can make a woman go crazy when it is bit or sucked is the lip! Yes, the pair of lips that a woman possesses can be the top most on the list of sexual arousal. When a woman is smooched passionately by her man, it can do a lot more than arousing her. It is the first and most important part of starting a sexual episode and counts a lot in a woman’s life.

The second important “love producing” zone is the vagina. The clitoris and the G-spot in the vagina of a woman are the most sensitive and thus, when you want to arouse her intimately and in a sexy manner, you know where exactly you can stimulate her from. Gently and pleasantly gliding a finger or using the tongue or both, to get her ‘cum’ is another important way of sexual arousal.

Breast nipples can be the sexiest arousals in women if gone about just perfectly. When the guy gently folds, licks or even goes rough and wet kisses the nipples, it can give about a deep arousal.

Whisper in those ears! Make it erotic and sexy! Get your woman to go wild and get her shivers up. Women love the slight and quiet whispers that you make in her ears while you’re planning to go naughty with her. Create the sensation and temp her to go nuts by striking such easy moves.

A sensuous and erogenous massage on the nape of her neck, can make your woman feel sexy about herself, all set to give you a good time. Use your breathe, teeth and tongue, to cling on to that nape to arouse her sensationally, which makes her so sexy in ‘cumming’ that you can barely resist her!

Buttocks are another erogenous zone in a woman’s body. Just feeling, slightly spanking and squeezing her behinds can do a lot for most of the woman to give you that sexual appeal you’ve been wanting.

Stroke and lick her inner thighs and you will arouse her sexually so high, that you must have not ever imagined. Without even going to the vagina, you can just play around the inner thighs making her feel aroused and ready for a lovable night!

All of these love producing zones can be on the top chart when you decide to provoke the sexuality in your woman. Wrists, abdominal areas, temples, shoulder and back can also help your goals if you play along them in a sexy and passionate manner.