Is Alcohol Safe For Women?


It is not about inequality. However, there are some serious concerns regarding why the female body is not compatible enough for increased alcohol-consumption level as much as his male friends are allowed to.

    Alcohol directly affects fertility

•    Alcohol puts you at greater risk of breast cancer

•    Alcohol accentuates the side-effects of menopause

Women bodies are able to process alcohol at a much slower rate, because of lower levels of alcohol dehydrogenates (AHD), the chemical that metabolises alcohol in the liver. Thereby it retains the alcohol content for a considerable amount of time. This is also the reason why ladies start feeling the effects more than men, though both had the same amount of alcohol. It is also possible that both share the same numerical of weight but the women is definite to get more adversely affected than the male counterpart.

Quite known to all, alcohol consumption also causes tired, puffed eyes, poor skin and inappropriate weight gain. Alcohol surely has some unappealing side effects for all. However, the major concern lies in the fact that it gives you

•    deprived sleep,

•    dehydrates your system, especially your skin

    deprives the skin of certain vital vitamins and nutrients

•    hence, giving you a tired appearance and exhausted feel

    which often leads to fatigue

Alcohol is also a secret storehouse of awesome amount of calories. The amount of calories it contains easily equals to that of a ham-bacon combo burger. Alcohol decreases the metabolism rate of our body and as it is, the body so not have an option to store alcohol. Therefore, the first priority of it becomes to flush out the alcohol from the system, thereby fat-burning, nutrient-absorption process taking a back seat. The simple aftermath of this situation is: you gain weight.

Alcohol And Breast Cancer

Alcohol (read ‘one drink a day’) is responsible for more than 5000 breast cancer deaths. Most recent research has proven, acetaldehyde, the first and most toxic alcohol metabolite is the primary cancer-causing agent. When we keep the alcohol in our mouth, the bacteria in our oral cavity oxidizes it into this acetaldehyde carcinogen. Hence, we swallow the cancer-causing acetaldehyde. So, logically, even a single sip of alcohol can pose serious threat to health.

Alcohol And Pregnancy

Alcohol can be responsible for an irregular menstrual cycle. Women trying to conceive or pregnant women are suggested to abstain from alcohol totally. When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, the alcohol is consumed by the baby too. Here’s how:

  • The alcohol content in your blood and the baby’s blood is same.
  • The alcohol in your blood rapidly makes its way through the placenta and to your baby through the umbilical cord.
  • Your body is able to manage alcohol in your blood, but the pre-matured mechanism of your baby fails to do the same for itself, especially its liver.
  • Result: Alcohol ends up hurting your baby’s development.
  • That’s why during pregnancy, alcohol is much more harmful to the baby than to you.