Impact Of Smoking And Drinking On Fertility

We all are well known about the fact that smoking and consuming alcohol is to be strictly avoided when one is trying to be pregnant. Researchers have found that drinking of too much of alcohol say three to four times a week reduces or lessens a woman’s chance to get pregnant and have a baby.

drinking-and-smokingSurveys have also proven that alcohol is not at all good for pregnancy and neither is smoking. Smoking contains tobacco and nicotine which is harmful for the mother who is trying to conceive. Questions are raised like what if my partner drinks?

Drinking lowers down the fertility rate in men as well and also can in severe cases result miscarriage.

Smoking in turn has a strong impact on fertility. Not only as miscarriage take place but you are also putting your baby’s life at risk by smoking, it may be you or your partner. Your regular diet, your consumption of healthy foodstuff, your consumption of alcohol and smoke affects you and your baby’s health to a great extent. Alcohol can not only cause problems while conceiving and after you have become pregnant but also can make a woman less fertile. There is a direct link between drinking or smoking and fertility but the exact link is still not known.

Many studies have shown that drinking on occasions can also create problems for the mother and her baby. Drinking one peg to five pegs can decrease the women’s chances of having a baby and more than en drinks can reduce you conceiving a kid even further.

Not only the females but drinking also affects the fertility of men. Drinking too much of alcohol lowers down the testosterone levels and also lowers the quality and quantity of men.

It can not only reduce libido but can also lead to male impotence. If you reduce down your consumptions habits the effects are also reduced. Men can in no way get away with heavy drinking and then think of conceiving a baby with his partner. When you drink too much of alcohol your sperm count reduces.

Drinking can also have a troublesome effect on women’s menstrual cycle. A glass of wine with dinner is a tradition in many parts of the world and so serious are the report of fertility issues. But still many women don’t think while drinking and feel that a glass of beer or wine won’t a difference but honestly it does, and to a greater extent.

Many of us may not be aware of the fact that when you smoke, approximately 7000 chemicals spread slowly and gradually throughout your entire body and in your organs.

It can lead to many of the problems including:

  • –  Ovulation problems
    –  Increased risk of miscarriage
    –  Increased risk of cancer
    –  Genetic disorders
    –  Damage of many parts of body and different organs.

It is essential for both the partners not to drink or smoke while you are conceiving a baby, as it is not good for your health. It is also important to note that if you live with a smoker it too has an effect on you, your baby.