How Women Can Prevent Themselves From Osteoporosis?

The bones play a vital role in a human appearance. It holds the organs intact and allows the body to stand straight. Any problem with it could lead to various troubles. One such is osteoporosis, which is common in women.

Osteoporosis in womenThis is a condition where the bones have a greater chance of fracture as they get weak. This can happen to anyone but is quite common in older women. This happens as the bone mineral density is reduced. With this, the variety and amount of proteins in the bone are altered. The risk of the problem can be reduced with little alteration in the lifestyle and at times medication.

Let’s have a look at symptoms before knowing the preventions.

Osteoporosis has no specific symptoms as such but it get prominent at the time of bone fractures. Due to osteoporosis, people get fractured bones in situations where a normal healthy person won’t get. Usually, fractures occur in the ribs, hips, wrist and vertebral column.

Some people complain about back pain, loss of height or stooped postures or a curved upper back. You may be at a higher risk in case you’ve a family history of osteoporosis.

Following are the ways to prevent it.

Lifestyle: The important way to prevent it is altered lifestyle. Smoking damages the body and along with the bones also gets affected. This affects the body by making it difficult to absorb the calcium; which is one the causes of the weakening of bones. Similarly, unsafe alcohol consumption can be the cause of osteoporosis.

Diet: Intake of proper foods which are rich in vitamin D and calcium can prevent the problem. It is said that as a woman grows old the bones start to weaken quickly. In such cases, a woman needs to take proper care of her diet. She should include foods like milk, soy products in her diet so that she gets the proper amount of the required minerals.

Exercise: Exercise has several benefits of the body; one such is it makes the muscles and bones stronger. Exercises like jogging, climbing stairs, dancing weight lifting could be really helpful to you. Make sure that you follow a proper regime daily to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Medication: There are various treatments available which can help you to strengthen your bones and prevent you from osteoporosis. It would be good to consult your doctor and find out more about it.

Osteoporosis is could be troublesome if ignored. It is always better to prevent one with the above mentioned solutions. As, this problem doesn’t have any certain symptoms which can help it to detect timely, the only option left is on prevention. With altered lifestyle, proper diet, regular exercise and appropriate medication, it can be prevented.