Female Sexual Dysfunction: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments And Preventions

One might think that only man’s sexual dysfunction can be the reason behind the unsatisfied sexual life. But, often, it is women’s dysfunction which could be the reason too. Let’s see it in detail.
Female Sexual DysfunctionOverview:

Female sexual dysfunction term means when a woman is unable to provide satisfaction to man despite various attempts. It is quite normal to have the dysfunction once in a while but one should make sure that this doesn’t mean quite often. It is important to take the necessary treatment to get rid of the dysfunction else it would start affecting your personal and professional lives.

Many women witness the dysfunction at various stages of life. This could be faced often or can be the ongoing process. There could be various reasons to face it; such as low sex drive, sexual arousal dysfunction, sexual pain disorder and organism disorder.


There could be various possible reasons behind the female sexual dysfunction. These can be broadly divided into three sections: physical, psychological and hormonal. Let’s see all these in details.


There could be various possible physical causes which could lead to the dysfunction. The physical causes are related to the anatomy of the body. This means that the disorder in any of the parts of the body could affect the sexual arousal and can be the reason behind the dysfunction or dissatisfactory sexual life.

There could have wide range as in lung disorder, diabetes, heart problem, drug abuse and more. In such a case, it is important that a woman takes proper medicines or follow the possible options suggested by doctors in order to have the maximum pleasure during the intimate activities.


The mindset of a person also plays an important role in making a person sexual active or inactive. There could be variety of psychological problems that could lead to the dysfunction. These could be anxiety, depression, office stress, lack of communication with the partner, worries of pregnancy, feeling of guilt, effects of past sexual trauma, concern about sexual performance and others. A proper treatment and counseling could heal the problem.


Every woman goes through menopause. During this period, she doesn’t feel like having any sort of sexual activity. Due to this low sex drive, she may be having the dysfunction. It is important that the partner understand the reason and deal with it, calmly. If the period of menopause stretches, then taking the right treatment is important.


The main symptom of the female sexual dysfunction would be inability to provide pleasure to the man. But, apart from this, there are certain other symptoms too. These can be:

  • 1)    Low Sex Drive: The woman won’t feel like having sex. In such condition, if you try to get involved in any of the activity then you would not attain the level of satisfaction which you should have.
  • 2)    Pain During Intercourse: If you try to involve in the activity during the dysfunction, then the lady might have pain during intercourse. Although, there are various reasons behind it but this could be the one of the reasons.
  • 3)    Inability To Get Arousal: When a woman is going through a dysfunction, she would find it hard to get arousal. Without the proper arousal she won’t be able to provide satisfaction to her man and thus this could health to the problems.
  • 4)    Burning Sensation: There would be a burning sensation at the virginal area or deep in the pelvis. This all because of the dysfunction.
  • 5)     Lack Of Fantasizing: Due to the dysfunction a woman won’t be able to fantasize about the sexual positions. This would lead to the unsatisfied sexual life.

Diagnosis And Tests:

The very first thing one should do after getting the signs or symptoms of the dysfunction is to visit the consultant. The consultant would ask you certain questions and queries in order to understand the problem in a deeper way.

Knowing the reason: When the reason behind the dysfunction is known, moving ahead with the treatment gets easy. As you’ve seen that there could be three possible reasons for the dysfunction. These all three dysfunction calls for the different treatments based upon the possible cause. So, it is always advised to provide the best possible help to the doctor in decoding the cause so that the possible step could be taken.

Sexual desire disorder: In this, the woman doesn’t desire to have sex. In such cases, the doctor might suggest the medication for hormonal imbalance, an imbalance in neurotransmitter and other possible medical conditions.

Organism disorder: This could arise due to the psychological factors. In such cases, the doctor might suggest the therapy or counseling in order to deal with the psychological hindrance. This is when the woman faces trouble with climax not with the arousal.


Depending upon the diagnosis, the doctor may suggest the following treatments:

Nonmedical treatment:

There are psychological factors which can be the reason behind the sexual dysfunction. In such condition, the therapist may suggest you to improve your communication with your partner, follow a healthy lifestyle, start using lubricants and try certain device which would increase the blood flow in your vagina. This would help you to gain sensation and come out of the dysfunction.

Medical treatment:

This treatment would include the use of medicines to help you provide the sexual pleasure. As the dysfunction could be because of the hormonal imbalance, one might suggest you estrogen or androgen therapy. This might serve the motive of getting you sexual aroused and active while having the sexual act. Apart from this, PDE-5 inhibitors can be the other possible solution to help you gain the sensitivity.


It is always better to take the proper care of oneself in order to prevent from getting the sexual dysfunction. The little alteration in the lifestyle could serve the motive. The following could be the possible ways.

  • 1)    As we’ve seen that the stress and depression could be the cause of the dysfunction. In such cases, it is always advised not to take unnecessary tension or stress. This could really hamper your life. To avoid getting mental stress, it is good to meditate regularly so that the mind can be able to relax.
  • 2)    Proper diet would provide your body required minerals which in turn would keep you healthy and fit. So, always make sure that you have the proper diet. A regular exercise could an added advantage of it.
  • 3)    Alcohol not only damages various parts of the body but also affects the sexual pleasure. It is advised not to consume alcohol.
  • 4)    Similar to alcohol, smoking is not good for the health. This affects the various parts of the body and thus could result in dysfunction.
  • 5)    Always make time to relax yourself. This way, you would keep your body and mind fit and relaxed, respectively. This would also help you to re-energize yourself and might help you to boost your sexual pleasure.