Everything About Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is one of the disorders that strike women who have been in exposure for 5 to 25 days and thus may have to experience certain uncomfortable as well as unhygienic conditions!

Trichomoniasis in WomenThese can be recognized when a woman has been to the wash room for urination or may be after she has had the intercourse for the night!

Thus, it is when a woman urinates or has had a climax that she may notice a greenish yellow color fluid being discharged from the vagina which may or may not hold a foul smell. Most of the women do come across a “fish” like smell when such a discharge takes place in their body! This sort of discharge from the vagina of a woman may be contracted and passed on to the male as well. The same one who was the partner in the climax that she had! It is sexually transmitted and may show its effects on males in this way! Women usually also come across various signs of burning and paining sensation in the vagina and in quite rare cases even in the lower abdomen! It is this experience that makes women feel very unconfident and thus may require some diagnosis and treatment! The itchy and very frothy discharge from the vagina may just make a woman feel so apathetic of moving around in social circles thereby affecting their everyday life cycles too. Males, who obtain these parasites from females, may sense certain sort of pain in the penis and maybe even a mild discharge while they ejaculate or they urinate.

What is most weird about such a disorder is that it has standard tests for its diagnosis, but however, they may appear negative and turning down while a female actually possess the disorder of trichomoniasis! This is an irony and thus it is extremely important for people to know of this and be aware of how to go about on the appearance of such signs and signals from the “bellow the belly” organs!

However there are ways a woman can precaution herself from the existence of such a disaster in her life while also can make sure that non possession of this one can help prevent her guy from contracting it too! The most obvious but yet the most essential measure to take is the use of condoms in order to avoid the rampant spread of trichomoniasis and this can help relieve at least the male counter parts from taking over the pain in their reproductive organ every time they urinate or ejaculate! There is a possibility that trichimoniasis passes on not only from sexual but also genital contact! These are the only two routes for the spread and prevalence of the disorder in the human tract!

The diagnosis and thus the treatment of the same are very ineffective and thus may lead to complications of cervical and prostate cancer as well as premature birth to babies in future lives! Thus, upgrade your knowledge to help prevent such unhealthy circumstances in life!