Easy Steps To Detect Breast Cancer At An Early Stage

If reports are to be believed then breast cancer tops the list of cancers in women. This cancer may start from breasts but when they spread to other parts of the body, they can be a threat to life.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is common in developed countered due to their lifestyle and increased expectancy. There are some early signs which can help you detect it and take precautions at the right time.

Early Symptoms :

1. Chance In Feeling : It is important that you should notice if your breast is going through any change like lump in your breast or underarm, tenderness of nipples, change in skin texture or enlargement of pores in the skin of the breast. If you have any of the above feelings then it is advisable that you should visit a doctor and consult her.

2. Change In Appearance : Due to cancer tissues, your breast appearance may change. It can be like dimpling of breast, change in size, swelling or shrinking of breast, inverted nipple or redness in breast.

3. Pain : Normally, lumps are painless even though if you have any pain in your either breasts then it is good that you consult a doctor.

4. Differ In Size : It is normal for women to have one breast bigger than other but if you observe this change in recent times then you might be developing breast cancer.

5. Unwanted Discharge From Nipple : If there is unwanted discharge of milky liquid then you should go and consult a doctor. It is not linked with breast cancer but there is no harm in doing it.

6. Risk Beyond 40 : Women who have crossed 40 should visit for a mammography once a year. It is a medical diagnosis process where the x-rays of your breasts are taken.

7. Breast Examination : It is important to go through clinical breast examination where your doctor will examine your breast for the change in color, size and other symptoms. It is must for women in their 20s to go for it in every three years.

8. Different From Other Part : When you observe that your one breast is getting different from the rest of your body parts then you should visit a doctor for the examination.

Self-Examination :

Apart from the above symptoms your can also do a self-examination to find out if you are developing any symptoms of breast cancer.

1. While Taking Bath : Use your finger pads to check it. Move it across your breast from outside to the centre and under the armpits to check if you are developing any symptoms like lumps or hardness.

2. In Front Of Mirror : When you are standing in front of the mirror observe your both breasts. See if you are seeing any change in size or color. View your breasts aesthetically and examine it properly.

3. While Lying On Bed : When you lie down your breast they spread across unevenly. Put a pillow under your right shoulder and right hand under your head. Now, with your left hand’s pad move it across your breast and at armpits to feel any symptoms. Follow the same procedure with the left breast.

These self examinations are recommended to every youth and young woman once a month. If you feel any symptoms then it is best that you visit your doctor for more consult.

Let’s not be negligent towards our health. It is our ignorance due to which many women are suffering from breast cancer. It is good if we can understand the early symptoms of it and take precautionary measures.