Stop Smoking And Lead A Smoky-Less Life

Smoking is one dreadful habit that could ruin your life to the worst. Given below are a few tips by which you can stop smoking.

stop-smokingThe first step is to make a list of reasons on why you wish to stop smoking and keep it with you. Whenever you tempt to light up the stick, think about the list, which you have made. Well, you might like reading books that totally focus on the positive ways by which you can stop smoking. This is one prime example on why smoking is harmful for you and how could be benefited with it.

Plan on a date to stop smoking and when you do, put a full stop to it. Few of the people favor more on the thought of cutting it down slowly but surely. On the other hand, a new study has shown that if you smoke fewer cigarettes in a day than what you do, you are likely to smoke more during the day. If you smoke one or more than that, the levels in the nicotine remain the same. As a result, one best solution is to stop it completely and at once. Be firm in your decision and cut the temptation to smoke.

Give the latest updates to your friends about quitting smoking. Nothing falls first but your family and friends who are always ready to help you when in need. If you are really trying very hard in quitting smoking then try to be with a set of people who motivates you every time. You are the only defender of your own battle. If this habit is hereditary then make those people understand on the hazard effects of smoking and how it could nearly take up one’s life. Put your efforts and you will surely succeed in your attempt.

Be conscious of the situations where you know that you will end up smoking. This will make you alert and you will likely refuse to enter that area. With smoking, drinking alcohol too is likely associated at the same time. Begin your day by telling yourself that you will neither smoke nor dink today. Bring a change in your routine for the first few days. For instance, forget about hitting the pub with your friends. Replace your drinks with herbal teas like green or lemon. Keep yourself hydrated all the time by sipping at least 2 to 3 liters of water every day. Fruit juices too are a way to boost your health and regain the lost energy in you.

Do not work with much stress as this can make one’s life go haywire and this could even attack an individual’s life to the worst. If out of stress you tend to burn the stick then this could have an adverse effect on your lifestyle. Well if you face major problem with this, you must not feel embarrass but talk with your family members instead to find a solution. Lighting up the cigarette stick is not the only solution left to you when it comes to cutting down the stress levels.

Exercise enough. Many health experts say that fifteen minutes of brisk walking in any time of the day, ten minutes of cycling or a jog can be very fruitful in helping you quit smoking. It is said that doing this, changes in the brain activity caused by physical exercise can lend a hand in not falling for the temptation of smoking cigarettes. Even though it is still not clear but daily workouts uplifts the mood that reduces the craving of burning a cigarette stick.