Manage The Urge To Smoke With 10 Easy Ways

When you are on the quit smoking mission, you need to be strong and determined. One must be strong to manage the urge to smoke. With some simple measures, these urges and cravings can be managed easily.
Smoking UrgesA smoker will always look for an excuse to smoke; the carvings are sometimes so intense it almost seems impossible to overcome them. However, the best part of craving and urges is that they pass; they last for a short while. So, hold yourself strong and in no time, you will be able to overcome them. Remember resisting a tobacco craving, takes youone-step closer to a healthy life and move towards your goal to be free from smoking addiction.

Here are some proven ways to help you manage the cravings and beat your cigarette addiction.

  • You might be thinking of having just one cigarette to manage the cravings, butdo not get tempted. Remember you started in the same way. Do not fool yourself, be strong and be determined. A fag is enough to resume the habit and then the vicious cycle starts once again.
  • When you feel the urge to smoke, engage yourself in physical activities like go for a walk, do push-ups, perform stretching or bending exercises or play with your pet etc. In this way, you can manage the urge without any struggle and without punishing self.
  • Practice breathing exercises or meditation. In this way, you can keep yourself calm and stress free and fight the need and feel to smoke.
  • Motivate yourself, say it to yourself “I am Happy, I am Healthy”, “I want the smoke to be out of my life” “I am a non-smoker”, try it, it works instantly.
  • Make a list of the activities you will do instead of smoking, like read a book, listen to music, work in your garden, spend some more time with kids, and follow them, you will feel positive.
  • Find a support group, they can guide you and help you throughout the process and help you in focusing on quitting. There are many stop-smoking programs online, where you can find suggestions from people who have successfully quit smoking. You can follow them andcan post your experiences online.
  • Daily exercise, working out release some stress and increases the blood circulation in your body, so you feel positive and can stick on to quit smoking mission.
  • When you feel the urge to smoke, drink water, chew a gum, put a toothpick in your mouth. This will help you a lot psychologically. Try to engage yourself in some other work as it can distract your mind and manage the cravings smartly
  • Try a nicotine replacement. Products like nicotine inhaler, sprays and gums, etc. are available in the market for individuals who what to quit smoking.
  • Make a list of all the positive changes you are enjoying being a non-smoker, like feeling healthy, clear skin, sparkling teeth, it will keep you motivated.